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Jozua Sparks
Should we hire a curse breaker?
Tue Sep 26, 2017 13:20

"Ha," Jozua responded, more word than laugh when Joe confirmed, with very questionable logic, that the first years were indeed getting smaller. That was fine though. He didn't need solid logic today, and just appreciated Joe humoring his observation.

Later, when it turned out that the story of his house fire at least hadn't made the news in Canada anyway, he supposed that was good. Well, it was good in that the whole world wasn't having conversations about how Those Sparks Were At It Again. Less good because that meant he'd probably have to explain about how Those Sparks Were At It Again.

Sure enough, after a sidelong mention of Joe's sister getting married (Jozua felt that must have surely been mentioned last term at some point and he was probably a bad friend for forgetting and being surprised by that news, but he kind of felt he had a good excuse this time), Joe was asking about the extent of the damage.

"I," he began, but then didn't know how to continue from that point and started over, "We're Sparks. We live in a pheonix house. This . . . was just the first time it had a death cycle since I was born."

He wasn't sure exactly how common pheonix houses were, given they were invented by his own great great great grandfather, who was hardly the sort of person sane people wanted to emulate in housing design given how often his own personal residence had tended to cease to exist by one form of disaster or another. "They're mostly immune to minor disasters but if a big enough one hits, the whole house is just . . . it's gone, so a new one can go up in its place without bothering with such tedium as rubble clean up and disappointing salvage efforts. We each had a fire haven where we could keep the stuff that we didn't want to go down with the house if anything happened, but . . ." Jozua grimaced, "I wasn't very good about keeping mine current, and there wasn't time to grab much of anything either. Pheonix houses are really good about getting people out to safety, but they don't really give you a lot of warning. One minute I'm reading in the living room, next minute there's this loud boom that you more feel than hear, and suddenly I'm sitting at the edge of the property with the rest of my family and the toys I loved as a six year old and the defensive wards are glowing like crazy all around us so much you can't see past them at all." He was aware he was mixing up his fist and second person pronouns but shaken enough not to care.

Jozua took a deep breath and then sipped at his glass of water, trying to remind himself that it was almost three months gone and no longer a present terror. "It could have been a lot worse," he added, more to remind himself than to inform Joe. The loss of almost all of his stuff was a bad blow, but he'd kept what was really important. "The initial explosion was big enough that the pheonix house magics triggered immediately, which got dad and grandad out with only minor burns and reduced everything in the lab to ash before it could spread or have other effects. We all survived with no bad after-effects, and the house and property already look exactly the same as they always did, at least from the outside."

  • I think they just keep getting shorter, Joe remarked to Jozuas question about the first years. Im not tall now, but I dont think I was that short then, so logically, they must be getting... more
    • Should we hire a curse breaker? — Jozua Sparks, Tue Sep 26 13:20
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