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What, you don't think trying it ourselves would be fun?
Tue Sep 26, 2017 19:10

For one moment, as Jozua started talking, Joe was concerned that the shock of losing all his possessions had caused Jozua to suffer some kind of brain fever and start rambling, but then he remembered two things. The first was that shocks bringing on brain fevers was a cliché of Victorian novels, not something people actually developed. The second was that Jozua had suffered the shock in question some time ago anyway and had been speaking coherently until now and it seemed unlikely that he – having brought the subject of his misfortunes up in the first place – had abruptly taken leave of his wits just now. Therefore, there was probably a sensible explanation.

Sure enough, one was provided for him a moment later. He had to admit, he could see…both positives and drawbacks to that idea. In his house, it would be good because his house was so heavily lined with books that they were all pretty much doomed as it was if the thing ever caught fire, but it would also be bad because Mom and John probably would have nervous breakdowns if they lost all of said books and their religious articles and Mom’s albums and knickknacks and John’s journals. The last wouldn’t be a category for a special box that was known about, either, because those were the one thing that John hadn’t finally owned up to with the whole family – those were apparently still something he wanted hidden. In any case, though, having one’s house burn down sucked and he was glad it hadn’t happened to him and he was sorry it had happened to anyone, but particularly a friend.

“Still sucks, but I’m glad everyone’s okay,” said Joe. “Er…you need anything?” This felt a bit of a stupid question, all things considered – it had been previously established that Jozua was at least a good solid financial tier or two above Joe – but it was also the polite thing to do. “I’ve got about…eh, probably only six books that count besides textbooks, a few more if you’re into the kind of religious books my mom thinks will improve you, and some jigsaw puzzles you can borrow.” Even rich people presumably took some time to replace all their worldly belongings after everything except their childhood toys and the clothes on their back and possibly the book in their hand the moment everything exploded was burned up.

  • Should we hire a curse breaker?Jozua Sparks, Tue Sep 26 13:20
    "Ha," Jozua responded, more word than laugh when Joe confirmed, with very questionable logic, that the first years were indeed getting smaller. That was fine though. He didn't need solid logic today, ... more
    • What, you don't think trying it ourselves would be fun? — Joe, Tue Sep 26 19:10
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