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It sounds even better than it did before I started the post.
Thu Sep 28, 2017 18:26

Owen smiled as Jemima brightened. One of the things he hated most was seeing her unhappy and she'd been crying. It had been like a punch in the gut to see her like that. Especially since he'd already felt a little guilty and just...wrong getting Head Student when she hadn't. They were a pair, they belonged together like Cookies and Cream but less platonic,or garlic and cheddar cheese soup but less edible.

He nodded in agreement. "I can't imagine not being so." Owen remembered back what he'd said to Theodore about how if he and Jemima went to different schools, that he'd visit her often, but he just couldn't imagine them being separated that way. They'd have to be at the same school. He was sure they could get in anywhere because, while Owen wasn't the sort who felt entitled because of his family name, he knew it would open doors. And hopefully he had enough talent to cross the threshold and get settled inside those doors. He and Jemima just had to find a school that focused on creative fields and great writing and art programs. The seventh year knew there were schools out there like that.

Owen paused. "Maybe they are. And there are some other dumpling type things over there. Maybe one is gyoza and one is pierogis. Either way, we should have both. Then again they might be the same thing. Also, we need to have something garlicky. It's a must. Oh, and like go back and have everything we had at all the previous feasts. There are those cheese curd things."

He nodded. "Yeah, Tasha kept talking about it on the wagon but she didn't give any sort of physical description of what it looked like, but what about some sort of curry?"

Or hey, maybe we can just go there next year. Imagine that… We could eat our way around the world!”

Owen's eyes lit up at the thought. "That sounds wonderful! We have to do that someday." He bit into one of the cheese filled meatballs. "These are scrumptious."

  • Sounds good to meJemima, Sat Sep 23 00:10
    “That’s true,” Jemima smiled, brightening as Owen mentioned how they could work together. Just because Sammy was head girl and Owen head boy, it didn’t mean they had to take patrols together. And... more
    • It sounds even better than it did before I started the post. — Owen, Thu Sep 28 18:26
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