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Joe Umland
Adding some speculation.
Tue Nov 7, 2017 20:04

Joe knew his siblings very well, so it had not come entirely as a surprise to him when Julian had taken the first opportunity to corner him and interrogate him about what he’d heard from their sometime-prodigal brother. It had come as more of a surprise when Julian’s first question had been to ask whether Joe knew John had taken to living in a tent (he had not) and then when she had demanded that Joe make this situation change (because he, the sixteen-year-old, was clearly more qualified to make John, someone whose whims were about as predictable and easily steered as the weather, do anything than Julian herself, who was at least John’s elder).

As John had not looked any the worse for wear, however, and had in fact seemed more like his old self than he had at any time in the past year and a half, Joe had made no effort to do this. One of his siblings was living in a small castle, another was living in a tent, and he was in boarding school. This was how his life was going. At this point, it was just easier to go along with it all and make as few judgments about it all as possible. He'd just enjoyed having them all together again, even if it had been brief and Julian had gone to sleep somewhere else.

Now, he was back at Sonora and John was presumably back in New York and Julian was back in her unplottable little fortress more often, he had gathered from the others in the family, than not. They could all be worse off, he guessed.

Brockert was as loquacious as ever, and that was all to the good, as it resulted in food appearing faster. Joe began serving himself and was about to say hey to Jozua when Jozua got there first, asking about Professor O’Malley.

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” he said. “And why else wouldn’t she be here? Unless she quit,” he added fairly. “But I think Professor Carter would be having a nervous breakdown in front of us all right now if anyone had quit.”

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    • Adding some speculation. — Joe Umland, Tue Nov 7 20:04
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