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Ben Pierce
The Teppenpaw invasion continues
Wed Nov 8, 2017 10:47

Ben loved being a Pecari, he got along with nearly all his housemates. Kyte was his best mate, and Tess could now cheerfully be classified as his girlfriend, and basically he had no reason at all to venture beyond his own House table for the feast, but somehow he found himself walking along the Teppenpaw one.

He greeted Raine as he passed by her, and wished her a Happy New Year, but he kept walking. It was only when he saw Natalie Varth that he realized that who he’d unconsciously been looking for wasn’t around anymore. He made a mental note to write to Gabe later, tell him he’d be missing the bonfire again this year. That must have been what made him think of Gabe again; they’d hatched the idea of the Sports Club together at the last bonfire. Or at least, that was how Ben remembered it.

He was about to head back to Pecari when his eye landed on Kir. He was the kid of one of Aunt Bel’s friends. He wasn’t as involved in DISCUSS as others in his family, but you didn’t grow up as a Boston Pierce without doing some fundraising for groups like the McLeod Foundation. On impulse, he dropped down into the seat next to the younger boy . . . who seemed to be staring at a pretty Aladren girl instead of paying attention to who was claiming the seat next to him. Ben grinned in amusement.

The food appeared after the briefest of greetings by the Headmaster and Ben saw some delicious looking roast beef on the other side of Kir, “Hey, can you pass the beef?” he asked.

It took Kir entertainingly long to figure out where the beef even was before he passed it over, and Ben wasn’t even trying to hide his grin. “Thanks,” he said when the platter of meat did make it him. He speared a few thin slices onto his plate and gave it back so it could return to its spot. “I had an excellent midterm,” he declared cheerfully. “Christmas parties, got to see the family, went skiing. It was awesome. How was yours?”

  • I wasn't staringKir McLeod, Sun Nov 5 04:53
    Kir rarely regretted his sorting. He liked Teppenpaw, and the qualities it represented, and he liked sharing a room with Sawyer, who was a really cool friend and someone he might not have otherwise... more
    • The Teppenpaw invasion continues — Ben Pierce, Wed Nov 8 10:47
      • His Teppenpaw diplomacy skills were coming in pretty handy. They had saved him from blurting ‘I wasn’t staring,’ when his attention snapped back from the Aladren table - an assertion that would have... more
        • It’s like a warm cozy fire at a ski lodgeBen Pierce, Wed Nov 15 12:31
          Ben nodded in understanding and acknowledgement as Kir talked about his holidays. They sounded pretty similar to his own, though Ben hadn’t been recruited for bell ringing this year, thank Merlin.... more
          • With hot chocolateKir, Sat Nov 18 06:17
            “Well, I’ll look forward to seeing you then,” Kir grinned, amused at Bel’s ruling on when Ben would be allowed to attend their New Year gathering. “That sounds fun. We’ve been all over. My dad and... more
            • And cookiesBen, Wed Nov 22 10:21
              Ben grinned back and agreed, “Absolutely,” to Kir’s encouragement to come to the Foundation’s New Years party when he was 21. He suspected he could probably cajole Bel to take him once he was... more
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