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half and half
Wed Nov 8, 2017 11:32

Jozua shrugged, not really being on top of the habits of pregnant people. “She looked ready to bust before midterm,” he agreed, “she probably had it by now. But if she didn’t, she’s probably close enough she didn’t want to pop it out in the middle of a beginner’s lesson so she just took the whole term off to keep the paperwork simple.” Jozua also knew very little about administrative paperwork, but he thought this made logical sense, and minimizing paperwork always seemed to be a goal of the school judging by the number of times professors had told him to try not to blowing anything else up because the paperwork was a bear, and thank Merlin nobody got hurt or it would be even worse...

Unfortunately at that point, with no additional data to sustain the conversation, the topic of Professor O’Malley and her baby seemed spent. “Though I’d guess Carter will be covering for her either way. I don’t see any new faces up there.”

He also noted Nash was still present so even if they didn’t have a permanent DADA professor yet, they at least had a consistent one for a while longer.

“So this is halfway,” he noted suddenly. “Returning feast of my fourth year,” he added by way of explanation. “I have exactly as much time at Sonora ahead of me as I do behind me. Three and a half years in both directions.”

  • Adding some speculation.Joe Umland, Tue Nov 7 20:04
    Joe knew his siblings very well, so it had not come entirely as a surprise to him when Julian had taken the first opportunity to corner him and interrogate him about what he’d heard from their... more
    • half and half — Jozua, Wed Nov 8 11:32
      • On traditions.Joe, Wed Nov 8 18:35
        Joe’s knowledge of American business practices was limited, so he shrugged and accepted Jozua’s proposition as possible. “Could be,” he said. “It sounds like it would work better for everyone.” Which ... more
        • on resolutions and green beansJozua, Tue Nov 14 10:18
          “No, not really,” Jozua denied the existence of any resolutions for either the new year or the remainder of his Sonora career. He considered the possibility of rectify the lack but couldn’t think of... more
          • On international cuisine.Joe, Wed Nov 22 20:41
            “In a manner of speaking,” admitted Joe when Jozua asked if he had jumped on the New Year’s Resolution bandwagon. “It’s not so much resolving to do something as to avoid doing something. There’s a... more
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