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Georgia Kirkly
Trespassers will be welcomed
Wed Nov 8, 2017 17:28

If Zevalyn had felt uncertain about coming over, Georgia’s reaction should have dispelled her worries pretty quickly. As soon as it became clear that it was her that the Aladren was coming to see, Georgia greeted her with a warm smile.

“Hi,” she returned. “That’d be really nice,” she nodded, scooching up to make sure there was room for Zevalyn to take a seat beside her. “I like the way people move around more at the returning feast,” she commented, more thinking about how she’d swapped seats last year, which she was pleased to see was now paying dividends, but there seemed to be a couple of others following Zevalyn’s lead now.

She surveyed the food in front of her, but as usual fell back on choices that represented comfort rather than exploration. Food should not, in her opinion, be challenging or surprising. Food was more like a reliable friend. Something you should be able to trust in, and a great comfort when everything else was changing or stressful. Getting used to magic being real and her parents being divorced had never been going to have a positive influence on her waist size. She was vaguely aware of this tendency, and that it wasn’t a particularly helpful or maybe even healthy trait, and she was incredibly aware that most people at Sonora were a lot thinner than her (though in the general population, she felt she pulled a solid ‘average’). But her own dissatisfaction with her body never outweighed the pleasure she got from food. She guessed she could stick to salad and be thin, and she sort of felt like being thin would be nice, but it was just so much easier not to. If there was a magic ‘make me thin’ spell, of course she’d take it - who wouldn’t? And was there? Maybe that was how all the Pureblood girls stayed so stick thin, or maybe there was but it was a closely guarded Pureblood secret, part of their plan to keep people like her down, by making sure they actually had to work on looking attractive and weren’t likely to lure away good Pureblood boys, unless they happened to like a bit more booty - but she wasn’t really going to try for it. She helped herself to pizza, even though she’d had it a couple of times whilst at her dad’s. Who could get fed up with pizza though? She was pretty sure that was literally impossible.

“How’s it going? Seen you in class,” she smiled, which was a clear sign that Zevalyn was catching up. “Did you at least get your Christmas this year?”

  • Trespassing (tag Georgia)Zevalyn Ives, Tue Nov 7 13:57
    OoC: I am making wild unsubstantiated assumptions about characters who are no longer active. If these prove to be false, I apologize. BIC: When Zevalyn first arrived at Sonora a year and a half ago,... more
    • Trespassers will be welcomed — Georgia Kirkly, Wed Nov 8 17:28
      • Georgia showed no hesitation in inviting Zevalyn to join her, and demonstrated no evidence of hard feelings that Zevalyn hadn't made much befriending effort until now. On the contrary, she seemed... more
        • Welcome to Teppenpaw. It's pretty huggy. Georgia, Tue Nov 14 16:53
          “I’m not sure… My mom didn’t go here, but she doesn’t share a lot of school stories,” she’d mentioned to Zevalyn before about how her mother, in spite of being a witch, had not really told her much... more
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