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On traditions.
Wed Nov 8, 2017 18:35

Joe’s knowledge of American business practices was limited, so he shrugged and accepted Jozua’s proposition as possible. “Could be,” he said. “It sounds like it would work better for everyone.”

Which didn’t mean that was actually what happened, but without further data, it was impossible to speculate further. Jozua did make a good point about Professor Carter, though, one which Joe had not caught. “Good point,” he acknowledged. “Maybe she’s just so tired she’s stopped thinking more than one class ahead at this point.”

Joe grinned when Jozua abruptly noted that he was exactly halfway through his time at Sonora. That was, he guessed, either the good part of fourth year or the worst part of fourth year. It was awkwardly in the middle of everything – right before things started getting Important for the college applications, but after one learned the basics and stopped blowing stuff up…though he thought Jozua might still be working on that part. “Any resolutions for the second half?” he asked. “It’s new year and halfway, so it’s a good time for it, I guess.” Joe had never really made New Year’s resolutions, so he didn’t mean that entirely seriously. The difference between January and December had never seemed so great to him – both were cold, it snowed a lot at home in both, and since the church calendar began at Advent, his mother had gotten it into his head long before Sonora that things actually started over in early December or late November, not early January, which was just something that happened and resulted in everyone getting the date wrong for a bit.

  • half and halfJozua, Wed Nov 8 11:32
    Jozua shrugged, not really being on top of the habits of pregnant people. “She looked ready to bust before midterm,” he agreed, “she probably had it by now. But if she didn’t, she’s probably close... more
    • On traditions. — Joe, Wed Nov 8 18:35
      • on resolutions and green beansJozua, Tue Nov 14 10:18
        “No, not really,” Jozua denied the existence of any resolutions for either the new year or the remainder of his Sonora career. He considered the possibility of rectify the lack but couldn’t think of... more
        • On international cuisine.Joe, Wed Nov 22 20:41
          “In a manner of speaking,” admitted Joe when Jozua asked if he had jumped on the New Year’s Resolution bandwagon. “It’s not so much resolving to do something as to avoid doing something. There’s a... more
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