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Oh, that is much better than the alternative
Thu Nov 9, 2017 21:13

Georgia showed no hesitation in inviting Zevalyn to join her, and demonstrated no evidence of hard feelings that Zevalyn hadn't made much befriending effort until now. On the contrary, she seemed quite glad Zevalyn had come over. "Yeah," she agreed about the House mingling as she took her seat. "Is the House thing pretty common in magic schools? My high school didn't have anything like that and cafeteria tables had no specific designations. But we went home every night, so maybe it's a boarding school thing?" She shrugged, having no other information about schools besides here and her old school, which was a pretty useless sample size.

She began filling her plate, taking first some salad, and then a piece of pizza because Georgia's looked really tasty and the aroma must have some kind of magic involved in its scent which made anyone who smelled it want some pizza of their own.

"Yeah," she confirmed that she had moved into the intermediate level classes. "It's going alright, but I did stick around over break again this year. I at least met up with my folks on Christmas - they're just over in Phoenix, so a teacher took me over for a few hours - then we came back. Hopefully next year, I can just go home like a normal person. I should be mostly caught up by then." She grinned a little self-deprecatingly, "And then, by sixth year, I might have time to actually join clubs! Are you in any?"

  • Trespassers will be welcomedGeorgia Kirkly, Wed Nov 8 17:28
    If Zevalyn had felt uncertain about coming over, Georgia’s reaction should have dispelled her worries pretty quickly. As soon as it became clear that it was her that the Aladren was coming to see,... more
    • Oh, that is much better than the alternative — Zevalyn, Thu Nov 9 21:13
      • Welcome to Teppenpaw. It's pretty huggy. Georgia, Tue Nov 14 16:53
        “I’m not sure… My mom didn’t go here, but she doesn’t share a lot of school stories,” she’d mentioned to Zevalyn before about how her mother, in spite of being a witch, had not really told her much... more
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