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We'll show you! (Our wonderful hospitality)
Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:33

His Teppenpaw diplomacy skills were coming in pretty handy. They had saved him from blurting ‘I wasn’t staring,’ when his attention snapped back from the Aladren table - an assertion that would have been very incriminating, given that the main subject under discussion was beef - and they also prevented him greeting the Pecari next to him with ‘What are you doing here?’ He only looked mildly surprised.

“Hiya Ben,” he smiled. Ben was one of those people that he would have liked to know better - his aunts often asked after him (to which Kir could mostly give uncommunicative shrugs, or mention that he ‘seemed to be doing fine,’ if he was feeling like putting it into words). He was, by virtue of his name, definitely the Right Sort of Company - a notion that amused Kir in how he could phrase it to parody the Pureblood notion. The Pierces at school fell into three categories: Friendly Pierces, Unfriendly Pierces, and Our Pierces. Ben was one of theirs, and Kir thought his aunts and his parents would have liked him to make more effort to foster that connection. However, Ben already had a solid set of friends, and he was a whole two years older than Kir. Where, for adults, that gap was fairly negligible, at this age, it seemed awfully big. Ben ran a club and would be sitting exams this year and had a girlfriend. Kir wasn’t convinced that he wanted to hang out or hear about what the Foundation was up to. And yet, here Ben was.

“Kind of similar,” he nodded, when Ben asked about his holidays. “All the way up to Christmas is completely mad with everyone doing fundraisers - some of those are fun, like they’ll do coffee mornings, and there’s always good cake, but it’s everything from fancy big events to standing in the street shaking collecting tins - and guess which ones they find they need our help with more. Family time over Christmas, then the Foundation’s New Year party which is always a laugh - has your aunt ever told you about them?” he asked. He could not truthfully remember whether Ben’s aunt had ever been to any of them. He knew she was frequently invited to such things, but everyone had such busy schedules over Christmas that she may not have made it, and he got introduced to so many grown ups at these things that it was hard to keep track. He knew he hadn’t had a specific conversation with her this year, but that wasn’t to say she hadn’t been there…. “And then yeah, once all the madness settled down, we went skiing too. Where do you go?” he asked.

OOC - see paths thread with Amelia for description of said parties.

  • The Teppenpaw invasion continues Ben Pierce, Wed Nov 8 10:47
    Ben loved being a Pecari, he got along with nearly all his housemates. Kyte was his best mate, and Tess could now cheerfully be classified as his girlfriend, and basically he had no reason at all to... more
    • We'll show you! (Our wonderful hospitality) — Kir, Fri Nov 10 12:33
      • It’s like a warm cozy fire at a ski lodgeBen Pierce, Wed Nov 15 12:31
        Ben nodded in understanding and acknowledgement as Kir talked about his holidays. They sounded pretty similar to his own, though Ben hadn’t been recruited for bell ringing this year, thank Merlin.... more
        • With hot chocolateKir, Sat Nov 18 06:17
          “Well, I’ll look forward to seeing you then,” Kir grinned, amused at Bel’s ruling on when Ben would be allowed to attend their New Year gathering. “That sounds fun. We’ve been all over. My dad and... more
          • And cookiesBen, Wed Nov 22 10:21
            Ben grinned back and agreed, “Absolutely,” to Kir’s encouragement to come to the Foundation’s New Years party when he was 21. He suspected he could probably cajole Bel to take him once he was... more
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