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Lauren Song
With trepidation...
Sat Nov 11, 2017 17:40

Lauren was already sitting in Cascade Hall when Ginger hurried inside. She smiled at her roommate before turning to pay attention to the Headmaster's very brief spiel. The weather outside was both ghastly and fascinating. For the Californian girl, the only snow she'd ever experienced was at Sonora and in the mountains. Now that she was a seventh year, the snow outside wasn't such a novelty, but she still enjoyed it more, she assumed, than her Midwestern or East Coast peers.

"It's so weird," she agreed. Lauren honestly didn't know what she was going to do after Sonora. Her mom had pressured her to apply for college while her dad had asked her to live with him for awhile. College wasn't super appealing to her right now, but neither was living in a foreign country. She only had one more semester left to decide what she was going to do. For this next year, she had only applied to two universities, both magical because she couldn't figure out how to transfer credits from a magical university to a muggle one.

"I turned in my last college application during winter break, but no real plans yet. I don't know if I told you yet, but my dad asked me to come to Korea and possibly work at his company with translations or something. I don't speak Korean that well, but I guess he wants me to learn. Plus he's been so far from my family for so long he wants to get to know us better." Lauren's parents weren't divorced and they loved each other, but it was just easier for both of them to pursue their passions and responsibilities in their home countries. Lauren just didn't know what she wanted. "I want to get to know my dad better and my little sister lives there right now with him, but I also don't want to leave the comfort of home and my family in California. And I don't know if I really want to go to college either..."

Lauren shrugged, not wanting to get super anxious over it right now. She wanted to enjoy her last semester. "But I'll figure it out eventually, I guess. What about you, any plans for after graduation?"

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    • With trepidation... — Lauren Song, Sat Nov 11 17:40
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