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Ruby Brockert
Me too
Sat Nov 11, 2017 19:34

Ruby loved everything about the holiday season. The decorations and the food and time spent with family. She liked presents too, and received many lovely gifts. Fine clothing and jewlery. Perfumes and bath salts and other stuff that just make her feel...good. However, that was hardly the main thing. Family was the most important thing about the holidays, and Ruby had been pretty excited about seeing her parents and younger siblings. Yes, even Topaz.

And cousins too! Baby Olaf was getting so big and so were all the other little ones. Pretty soon they wouldn't be little anymore. But maybe there would be more little ones instead! There would be at least one eventually. Emerald had figured out what Uncle Ben and Aunt Shannon were doing and pointed it to Ruby. Allegra. Esme. Isla. Olaf. A,E, I, O.....there was sure to be a U eventually. Plus she had two other uncles who didn't have children yet, so there was that possibility too! The Teppenpaw hoped so, she loved babies and her own parents were probably done.

Plus there would be cute little Owen and Jemima babies eventually too and maybe she'd get to babysit! She was pretty sure Owen would ask her before he asked Emerald as Ruby liked babies and Emerald....had far less enthusiasm for them. And despite that Owen, like her, saw the best in people, she didn't see him asking Topaz. Granted, Cory often ended up the defacto babysitter, at least he had for Ruby and her siblings.

Her dad's cousin's wife-Cory's sister-in-law- was expecting her second one too. It was all so exciting! And then there was Professor O'Malley's baby as well. The Teppenpaw was going to have to make sure to ask Peyton about it.

Obviously, Ruby hoped to have a fairly decent sized family of her own someday. Of course, that depended on finding that special someone. Okay, she knew it didn't always work that way. That her marriage could just end up being some business deal more or less but she refused to think that way! True love could happen like with Owen and Jemima. If they could have it, so could she!

She spotted Dorian sitting at the Teppenpaw table and sat down across from him. He spoke before she could say anything. Ruby nodded, eager to help. "Yes, a bonfire. It's basically a big fire and we all camp out on the pitch in tents." She had mixed feelings on this. On the one hand, it was sure to be a great bonding experience. On the other....Ruby wasn't terribly outdoorsy.

  • Glad to be backDorian Montoir, Sun Nov 5 15:35
    After a Quebec winter, Dorian had had more than enough snow. Over the Christmas holidays, Matthieu’s range of torture expanded to include firmly compacted snowballs, snow down the back of his neck…... more
    • Me too — Ruby Brockert, Sat Nov 11 19:34
      • A Bonne FireDorian, Sun Nov 12 11:06
        “Bonfire… Bonne fire” he repeated, partly to himself, and then more brightly to Ruby. ”Bonne fire ” Bonne is ‘good’ in French,” he explained, in case she didn’t understand, “So, maybe I can remember... more
        • HopefullyRuby, Tue Nov 21 20:04
          Ruby nodded in agreement. "It's a large fire and it's supposed to be a good time. I'm not entirely sure what we do." Just because her grandfather was the Headmaster didn't necessarily meant she knew... more
          • Let's get planningDorian, Sat Nov 25 13:29
            Dorian could not think of much one would do at a fire either, except simply enjoy it, which to him sounded more than enough, and perhaps nicer than a fancy ball. He liked the way that flames danced.... more
            • To have fun?Ruby, Wed Nov 29 17:43
              "Oh good! I'm glad." Not that Ruby thought that Dorian didn't like Vlad, but she was glad to hear it anyway because she generally wanted people to get along and be happy. She nodded in agreement to... more
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