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A Bonne Fire
Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:06

“Bonfire… Bonne fire” he repeated, partly to himself, and then more brightly to Ruby. ”Bonne fire” Bonne is ‘good’ in French,” he explained, in case she didn’t understand, “So, maybe I can remember like this. We hope we have the good fire, yes? And we sharing the tents together with our room-mates?” he asked. “Or together with more people?” At first, he had assumed they would be with their room-mates because that seemed logical - it was how the school organised them, after all - but there were quite a few people who didn’t have roommates, including Ruby herself. He knew this was something she had been rather sad about at the opening feast, so he hoped for her sake there was some different arrangement at the fire.

“How is your holiday?” he asked. It wasn’t his favourite subject but he thought it might be rude not to ask. He could always just avoid going into too much detail about his own. And there were good things to relate too, things like seeing his sister, and all the amazing food they had eaten. Speaking of amazing food… He tucked into his dinner whilst Ruby answered. It was delicious! Not that he would ever dare admit that to his mother.

  • Me tooRuby Brockert, Sat Nov 11 19:34
    Ruby loved everything about the holiday season. The decorations and the food and time spent with family. She liked presents too, and received many lovely gifts. Fine clothing and jewlery. Perfumes... more
    • A Bonne Fire — Dorian, Sun Nov 12 11:06
      • HopefullyRuby, Tue Nov 21 20:04
        Ruby nodded in agreement. "It's a large fire and it's supposed to be a good time. I'm not entirely sure what we do." Just because her grandfather was the Headmaster didn't necessarily meant she knew... more
        • Let's get planningDorian, Sat Nov 25 13:29
          Dorian could not think of much one would do at a fire either, except simply enjoy it, which to him sounded more than enough, and perhaps nicer than a fancy ball. He liked the way that flames danced.... more
          • To have fun?Ruby, Wed Nov 29 17:43
            "Oh good! I'm glad." Not that Ruby thought that Dorian didn't like Vlad, but she was glad to hear it anyway because she generally wanted people to get along and be happy. She nodded in agreement to... more
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