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Mon Nov 13, 2017 15:33

"Same here," Isaac replied. He remembered almost lighting his house up once at eleven because he was trying to build his own fire in the backyard. His mom didn't enjoy camping in the outdoors much and would never let him touch the fireplace in their house, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. It had worked well enough, but he just hadn't considered the Santa Ana winds or how easily flammable the rest of his yard was. Luckily, his older sister was an expert with the garden hose. It was a secret he and Lauren had sworn to take to their graves. Except he'd told his best friends, so there was that.

"What, that's so cool! I've never met someone who's family was in the circus. Actually, I don't think I've ever been to a circus. That's super cool though. What do your cousins do when they party?" Isaac imagined adults who drank a lot and went clubbing like he saw in TV and movies. Typical New Year's Eve parties looked like a lot of fun and Isaac couldn't wait till he could join that scene.

"I feel like a lot happened this winter break. A lot of changes, anyway. My friends and I go on a snowboarding trip once a year between Christmas and New Year's. It wasn't that great this year cause it was raining more than it wasn't, but we had a great time together. One of my friends just got a girlfriend so we talked a lot about that. He wanted to bring her, but I didn't think it was the best idea since they just started going out. It was also the first holiday season my little sister wasn't with us, so that was kind of sad. She started school in Korea to be closer to my dad so she's with him during the holiday seasons now I guess."

Apparently he'd had more to say than he'd realized and Isaac stopped to take a breath. "That was a lot, sorry. I can talk a lot sometimes." One thing he loved about his house was how everyone seemed to just get each other, and he didn't feel as bad knowing that there were other people in his house that also liked to talk.

  • Potentially unusual answersKyte Collindale, Mon Nov 13 13:11
    “Yeah,” Kyte grinned, as the younger Pecari beside him talked of his excitement about the bonfire. “Fire is great. I love fire of all kinds.” This, perhaps, would have been a cause for concern to... more
    • Tell me more — Isaac, Mon Nov 13 15:33
      • It's all pretty awesomeKyte, Mon Nov 13 17:43
        “Thanks,” Kyte grinned, when Isaac exclaimed that what he did was super cool. It was. He never got why Raine was so self-conscious about the whole thing. She was worried people would name call or... more
        • Sure sounds like itIsaac, Tue Nov 14 00:49
          "What sorts of tricks can you do?" he asked curiously. Isaac had never tried to learn how to juggle or do magic tricks on his own, but he thought it was super cool when someone else could do it. "I... more
          • “My main thing is stunt broomstick riding,” Kyte explained when Isaac asked about what tricks he could do, his mind already jumping away from the fact they’d been talking about the tricks going down... more
            • "Dude, that's dope." Isaac had stopped eating for a second to awe at his older housemate. Even though he liked to think of himself as pretty athletic, Isaac had never tried acrobatics or parkour or... more
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