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Sure sounds like it
Tue Nov 14, 2017 00:49

"What sorts of tricks can you do?" he asked curiously. Isaac had never tried to learn how to juggle or do magic tricks on his own, but he thought it was super cool when someone else could do it. "I sometimes see one of my neighbors ride a unicycle sometimes, but that's about as close as I get," he laughed. "I live in Los Angeles. You'd think there'd be a lot of circus performers in Hollywood, but I guess I just don't see them. My mom's never taken us to the circus either, even when we were little. It would be so cool to see you guys perform this summer!" Isaac was stoked he was making friends with really interesting classmates. Some of his peers seemed pretty pretentious--definitely not his style.

Kyte's cousins did sound pretty wild. Isaac raised his eyebrows in wonder. "That sounds cool," he said. "I've only seen people do that kinda stuff in movies, and my dad likes to drink a lot. I caught him smoking too, but only when my mom's not around to see or smell it. I'm always down for crazy." Isaac grinned. "Have you ever tried that stuff or do you just do tricks for people?"

"Hey, my sister's in Teppenpaw too. She's a seventh year though. When she's comfortable she can talk a ton, but she's not always super comfortable with everyone. Glad we can relate on that level though." Isaac grinned. Kyte was pretty cool in a number of ways and Isaac was enjoying the older boy's company.

"Probably the hardest thing I know how to do right now is ride a rail. It was hard to learn and keep my balance, but I finally got it last year. My favorite thing to do is just go off jumps as high as I dare to and do method grabs. I wish I could go snowboarding more often, but I don't always have a ride. I can't wait to learn how to drive my mom's car and learn how to Apparate so I can get there on my own. My friend Drake always rents a cabin up there in the winter--he's the one with the girlfriend--and knows how to do a ton of cool tricks since he practically lives there in the winters."

Isaac took a breath to drink some juice, but he had a lot to say about Kyte's next comment. "I know what you mean, the girls here are super pretty, but a lot of them are pretty stuck up." Sometimes, when Isaac thought a girl was super pretty, he felt things he'd never experienced before. Sometimes, even if he wasn't doing anything, his thoughts would wander to pretty inappropriate things and he felt embarrassed about it. He guessed it was normal with all the memes he'd read about being a teenage boy, but he never ever ever wanted to talk about it with anyone in his family, even his mom.

"But if you had a choice, who would you date from here?" Isaac asked as he started stuffing his face again. "I mean, if you're not dating anyone already."

  • It's all pretty awesomeKyte, Mon Nov 13 17:43
    “Thanks,” Kyte grinned, when Isaac exclaimed that what he did was super cool. It was. He never got why Raine was so self-conscious about the whole thing. She was worried people would name call or... more
    • Sure sounds like it — Isaac, Tue Nov 14 00:49
      • “My main thing is stunt broomstick riding,” Kyte explained when Isaac asked about what tricks he could do, his mind already jumping away from the fact they’d been talking about the tricks going down... more
        • "Dude, that's dope." Isaac had stopped eating for a second to awe at his older housemate. Even though he liked to think of himself as pretty athletic, Isaac had never tried acrobatics or parkour or... more
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