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on resolutions and green beans
Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:18

“No, not really,” Jozua denied the existence of any resolutions for either the new year or the remainder of his Sonora career. He considered the possibility of rectify the lack but couldn’t think of anything he really wanted to change. The dueling club was doing well. His grades were decent. His Quidditch skills were still quite awful, but he didn’t think a resolution would change that. He hadn’t blown up anything in a few weeks, but there had been a major holiday cramping his style. He’d fix that soon enough. It was getting harder to make the explosions look accidental these days, and he figured it would only get worse as he advanced into the ‘older half’ of the school where he’d be expected to ‘know better’, but getting away with it was half the fun and most of the challenge anymore.

“Can’t think of anything to resolve to do,” he admitted. “I think I’m pretty well set already. What about you, any New Years Resolutions for you?” Turnabout was always fair play, so he figured there was no harm in asking, in case Joe had a bright idea Jozua hadn’t considered yet.

He had by now finished filling his plate with as much food as he thought he could handle and still have room for dessert, and took a moment to plan his attack on the contents of his plate. He’d start with the green beans, he decided. He’d taken just a few, to assuage the voice of his conscience (which sounded a lot like his mom’s when it came to vegetables), and he wanted to get them over and done with as quickly as possible. He managed to get a third of them on his fork, for his first bite, and anticipated two more such forkfuls would be the end of that unpleasantness. Not that he disliked green beans exactly, they were better than most vegetables, especially with browned butter like these had, but relative to everything else on his plate, they were the weakest link.

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