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Welcome to Teppenpaw. It's pretty huggy.
Tue Nov 14, 2017 16:53

“I’m not sure… My mom didn’t go here, but she doesn’t share a lot of school stories,” she’d mentioned to Zevalyn before about how her mother, in spite of being a witch, had not really told her much “I think she had houses at hers… But I’m not sure if it’s more of a wizard-thing or a boarding school thing. I guess it’s kind of nice… Like, going into Teppenpaw or going into my dorm feels a bit like having a home, or a place that’s mine at least. Kind of. Mine and Juniper’s anyway… But I’m not about to be a fully signed up member of any like… house pride squad. But maybe that’s a Tepp thing, seeing as we want to get on with everyone. It doesn’t exactly go with being like ‘hey, we’re the best.’ How about you? Feeling like waving that Aladren flag?” she smiled. She got the impression that Aladren could be a lot more like that about itself. Not that she’d met any who were in an obnoxious way.

“Ouch. Poor you,” she sighed as Zevalyn said she’d given up most of her holidays again. At least she’d been able to see her folks though. “Hopefully you’re all caught up in time to help me through the exams,” she grinned. And then worrying how that sounded - she didn’t want Zevalyn to think she was stupid - she added, “Joking. Mostly. I mean, I do ok, but when I hear some of the assignments the fifth years get, it goes over my head. Hopefully by the time I’m an actual fifth year though I’ll get it. Though what is up with the grading system here?” she groaned, revisiting the common theme that made her feel at home around Zevalyn - the oddities of the wizarding world. The first time she’d got an ‘A’ she had been super delighted, never having got one before, until she found out that it wasn’t what she’d thought… “Would it really have hurt them to use the alphabet in like… the same way as the rest of the world?

“Um. I’m in the choir,” she admitted, with a little embarrassment. She was still sort of self-conscious about that fact, as if it might lead to immediate demands that she sing. She decided not to mention that she’d half joined the Quidditch team, because it seemed like it wasn’t going to count for this year, and she was pretty sure that last year at the feast she and Zevalyn had decided anyone who wanted to play must be crazy. She was still pretty sure that was true in spite of having checked it out, but she didn’t need her friend to think it about her too. “What would you join?” she asked.

  • Georgia showed no hesitation in inviting Zevalyn to join her, and demonstrated no evidence of hard feelings that Zevalyn hadn't made much befriending effort until now. On the contrary, she seemed... more
    • Welcome to Teppenpaw. It's pretty huggy. — Georgia, Tue Nov 14 16:53
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