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Ben Pierce
It’s like a warm cozy fire at a ski lodge
Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:31

Ben nodded in understanding and acknowledgement as Kir talked about his holidays. They sounded pretty similar to his own, though Ben hadn’t been recruited for bell ringing this year, thank Merlin. He’d also missed the fancy fundraising shindigs - he thought Aunt Bel and Gramelia might have gone to a couple of those, too, but it wasn’t really Ben’s immediate family’s scene. Mom was too busy doctoring most of the time, and Dad was just glad to be disowned so he didn’t have to go to those things anymore. Ben was quite happy to avoid the suit wearing.

“Yeah, I think so,” Ben confirmed Bel’s presence at the New Years party tentatively. “She said she’d take me when I’m 21 and not a day earlier.” He grinned at Kir, “Some people get all the luck.”

“Seriously though,” he added, “that’s when Uncle Four takes me out to the mountains, though, so I get a good New Years party at the ski lodge. My aunt Reggie’s dad has a cabin in Colorado they like to rent together for a week over New Years, and they know I love skiing so they invite me along, too. Do you do your skiing mostly in Vermont, or do you travel, too? When I was younger, we’d ski in New England more, but now I only have two weeks at home in winter, so I’ve just been hitting the Rockies lately. Reggie and Four haven’t been making it out much either, because my cousin is still too little for it. So out in Colorado, we swapped off playing with Cole and skiing. There were enough of us to make that work out. Do you have any cousins?”

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    • It’s like a warm cozy fire at a ski lodge — Ben Pierce, Wed Nov 15 12:31
      • With hot chocolateKir, Sat Nov 18 06:17
        “Well, I’ll look forward to seeing you then,” Kir grinned, amused at Bel’s ruling on when Ben would be allowed to attend their New Year gathering. “That sounds fun. We’ve been all over. My dad and... more
        • And cookiesBen, Wed Nov 22 10:21
          Ben grinned back and agreed, “Absolutely,” to Kir’s encouragement to come to the Foundation’s New Years party when he was 21. He suspected he could probably cajole Bel to take him once he was... more
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