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Me, too, a little bit
Wed Nov 15, 2017 13:32

Ginger nodded emphatically to close the circle of mutual agreement that this being their last Returning Feast was weird. For seven years, this had been a staple of her January, every bit as important as the New Years fireworks at the Hernadez hacienda. And from now one, she’d never have one again. It was an end of an era, and sometimes Ginger worried all the ‘lasts’ happening this final semester might tip her into mild depression. How did seventh years do this every year without breaking down? And she wasn’t even a person who had particularly liked school. How did the Aladrens deal with this? Well, she guessed, they were probably planning for college.

“Nah, not really,” she denied having any post Sonora plans. “Catch up with Jake. I’ll probably be visiting him up in Portland a bunch next year - he’s starting college up there - but I’m done with school, I think. I’ll probably take a bigger role in the family business. Figure I’ll eventually have a kid, but no rush there. You think you’ll have a family of your own someday? Longterm, obviously. If things work out for that.” She smiled wryly, to show she wasn’t trying to rush her friend into any important life decisions.

“I can’t even imagine what we’ll have going on in our lives twenty years from now.” She laughed and looked at Lauren. “Our kids could be sitting right here.” She shook her head wonderingly. “If we do fall out of contact, and I’m not planning to do that at all, but sometimes life just gets away from you, especially with kids, you know? But let’s promise at least to send each other long letters about what’s going on in our lives with our Christmas cards, so we’ll always be friends.” Ginger tried her best not to tear up at the idea that time might weather away the bonds they’d built as roommates here.

  • With trepidation...Lauren Song, Sat Nov 11 17:40
    Lauren was already sitting in Cascade Hall when Ginger hurried inside. She smiled at her roommate before turning to pay attention to the Headmaster's very brief spiel. The weather outside was both... more
    • Me, too, a little bit — Ginger, Wed Nov 15 13:32
      • The real world is scary!Lauren, Sun Nov 19 14:45
        The first day Lauren had walked into Cascade Hall, she had been a tiny eleven-year-old scared by all of these new people and afraid she wouldn't be able to find good friends to hang out with. She... more
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