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Whiskey, women and... more women. And boys.
Wed Nov 15, 2017 16:48

“My main thing is stunt broomstick riding,” Kyte explained when Isaac asked about what tricks he could do, his mind already jumping away from the fact they’d been talking about the tricks going down at the party, where he’d mostly juggled. “So, like acrobatics… I can handstand on one, and jump an obstacle - like the boom goes under a hoop, I jump through it. That kind of thing. It’s pretty much as cool as it sounds,” he grinned. Kyte loved what he did, and saw no reason not to enjoy it, and all the glory that came with it. “I think one of my cousins brought a unicycle round once…. It’s a Muggle thing, right?” he asked, “It was funny. Ours is an all magical circus. I mean, there’s a lot of overlap between the two, and we’ve got nothing against Muggles, just sometimes I don’t know the equipment they use.

“More than tried,” he grinned, when Isaac asked whether he joined in with his cousins. “New Year got pretty messy. It was awesome.

“That’s cool! Does the MARS room do snow, or is that too complicated? Maybe you can show me some time if it does, and get some more practise too,” he suggested. He didn’t fully understand all the tricks Isaac mentioned, but that kind of thing was always easier to show than tell, and maybe they could trade some ideas. “Rails are to do with trains, right?” he added. Although he lived pretty much full time in the magical world, he moved around so much and mixed with so many people it was impossible not to cross paths with a few elements of the Muggle world, and learn a bit about it.

“If personality wasn’t a factor, Tasha is pretty hot. And I’ve seen Nevaeh in a swimsuit and that is not something you’ll forget quickly,” Nevaeh’s curves had definitely been something to keep a mental picture of - one that might, perhaps, have got slightly exaggerated over subsequent uses... “She’s pretty cool too. And she has no idea what I look like, which I’m starting to think might be a plus,” he grinned. Kyte wasn’t self-conscious enough to think about or care whether he was ugly, but he was well aware that he wasn’t exactly mainstream attractive. “Oh, and someone was saying that Louis is either gay or not exclusively into Purebloods. Maybe both. Guess it can’t hurt to ask which it is… Who’d you get with if you could?”

OOC - permission obtained from Nevaeh’s author. Scurrilous gossip about Louis at least 50% invented, like all good high school rumours.

  • Sure sounds like itIsaac, Tue Nov 14 00:49
    "What sorts of tricks can you do?" he asked curiously. Isaac had never tried to learn how to juggle or do magic tricks on his own, but he thought it was super cool when someone else could do it. "I... more
    • Whiskey, women and... more women. And boys. — Kyte, Wed Nov 15 16:48
      • "Dude, that's dope." Isaac had stopped eating for a second to awe at his older housemate. Even though he liked to think of himself as pretty athletic, Isaac had never tried acrobatics or parkour or... more
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