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I like to think we're on the way to manhood
Fri Nov 17, 2017 00:43

"Dude, that's dope." Isaac had stopped eating for a second to awe at his older housemate. Even though he liked to think of himself as pretty athletic, Isaac had never tried acrobatics or parkour or anything too different from "normal" sports. Kyte lived a pretty interesting life. There was the child in Isaac that wanted to ask if he new friend was famous, but he didn't want to seem dumb or starstruck.

The fact that Kyte had tried the stuff his cousins had was also crazy! Isaac was thoroughly impressed. "You live a pretty cool life," he replied. "Mine seems less interesting when you compare." Isaac liked his life a lot, but Kyte's was so different it fascinated him. He really wanted to know what it would be like to be in his shoes for a summer. It sounded so free-spirited. He knew that much freedom wasn't really his thing, but he still liked the sound of it.

"I have no idea if MARS does snow, it's never done it when I've gone in. If it did, complete with snowy hills and all, that'd be so awesome! Yeah, the tricks look cooler in person. These rails aren't like train ones, they're more stair rails. You know, handrails I guess. Except these ones are straight instead of tilted. I skateboard too, but I'm not as good on cement as I am on snow. I should be though, if you think about it, since it doesn't even snow in L.A." Isaac tapped his chin and decided as soon as he got back home he'd start working on skateboarding tricks this summer.

Talking about girls was something a little bit new to Isaac, but he really enjoyed it. There were so many pretty girls here and at home to appreciate. Isaac's eyes drifted to the girls Kyte mentioned, still a little too innocent and shy to imagine girls in swimsuits or other skimpier wear himself.

At Kyte's last bit of gossip, Isaac's eyes snapped back to his housemate. "Really? That'd be kind of a surprise. I thought he'd be straight and into purebloods. Guess you can never tell, huh?

"I think Nevaeh is pretty hot and some of the girls in Crotalus, like Arianna Tate or Cecilia Carey. Arianna Valenti is super cool too and she plays Quidditch. I'm kinda into older girls; the younger ones seem a little more annoying to me." Isaac glanced over at the Teppenpaw table and cracked a grin. "I bet my sister would kill me if she heard me talking like this. My little sister too even if she might not know that much."

  • “My main thing is stunt broomstick riding,” Kyte explained when Isaac asked about what tricks he could do, his mind already jumping away from the fact they’d been talking about the tricks going down... more
    • I like to think we're on the way to manhood — Isaac, Fri Nov 17 00:43
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