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With hot chocolate
Sat Nov 18, 2017 06:17

“Well, I’ll look forward to seeing you then,” Kir grinned, amused at Bel’s ruling on when Ben would be allowed to attend their New Year gathering.

“That sounds fun. We’ve been all over. My dad and aunt only moved to the US when they started school, and then they were back in Scotland every holiday. Well until... until Auntie Catriona ran away with Aunt Lola, and then my dad followed a few years later,” it felt comfortable talking to Ben. Not that Kir hid his family details or background from other people, but he didn’t always feel he could be so direct about it all with some people. “So, anyway, they’re pretty keen to see lots of different parts of it, and Canada too. And no, no cousins… I guess Auntie Catriona and Aunt Lola could adopt, but they have the foundation, and they have me and Nessa - my sister. And my mum’s an only child. I mean, I guess I might have second cousins or whatever they are back in Scotland, but not ones that would acknowledge our existence. Sometimes it’s great - we get all the attention. And sometimes it’s a bit much - we get all the attention,” he smiled wryly. “I guess it’d probably be nice to have cousins,” he acknowledged. He sometimes was a little envious of other people’s families, but he had what he had, and it was awesome in its own ways, “but we get the company of other kids by coming to school,” he shrugged, “Or hanging out with other foundation people’s kids. And my parents know some pretty cool adults. Is Cole your only one?”

  • It’s like a warm cozy fire at a ski lodgeBen Pierce, Wed Nov 15 12:31
    Ben nodded in understanding and acknowledgement as Kir talked about his holidays. They sounded pretty similar to his own, though Ben hadn’t been recruited for bell ringing this year, thank Merlin.... more
    • With hot chocolate — Kir, Sat Nov 18 06:17
      • And cookiesBen, Wed Nov 22 10:21
        Ben grinned back and agreed, “Absolutely,” to Kir’s encouragement to come to the Foundation’s New Years party when he was 21. He suspected he could probably cajole Bel to take him once he was... more
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