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The real world is scary!
Sun Nov 19, 2017 14:45

The first day Lauren had walked into Cascade Hall, she had been a tiny eleven-year-old scared by all of these new people and afraid she wouldn't be able to find good friends to hang out with. She would never forget how happy she'd felt when she and her roommates bonded over decorating their dorm room. After that, she always looked forward to that tradition every year. It was one of the best parts of the year. "Oh, good for Jake! That'll be exciting for him. I've never been to Portland, but I do hear it's rainier than the Los Angeles area for sure."

It was a little comforting to hear that Ginger was done with school too. It didn't seem as common to go to college for magical folks compared to non-magical ones. Maybe moving to a magical community would be better for her. The high pressures and fast-lifestyle in Los Angeles just wasn't really her scene. Besides, it could be cool being able to be really open about her magic.

Lauren smiled, imagining life twenty years from now. "That's crazy," she agreed. If she managed to find "The One" and have kids, maybe that was possible. The thought made Lauren smile again. "I'm not planning to lose contact either," she said resolutely. "But even we get super busy and can't talk as often, you and Jemima will always be my best friends no matter what. I think long Christmas letters will be perfect. At least then we can keep each other accountable. Yeah, I definitely want to have kids someday. I'd love to be a mom. It would be crazy, but I think I'd love it. I just need to find the right guy." Lauren hadn't really dated much, barely at all, but she'd never been as crazy about it. It was just lucky that both Ginger and Jemima had found their significant other here. Lauren suddenly gasped.

"Oh! I almost forgot I brought you and Jemima Christmas presents." She dug into her bag and then felt a little shy. "Well, it's not much." She handed the small wrapped package to Ginger. Inside was a rose gold infinity bracelet with a little circle charm that had a 'G' engraved on it. Lauren had a matching one, except her charm had an 'L' while Jemima's had a 'J.' Once Ginger opened the package, Lauren would lift up her sleeve and show her hers with a big smile. "Friends forever, right?"

  • Me, too, a little bitGinger, Wed Nov 15 13:32
    Ginger nodded emphatically to close the circle of mutual agreement that this being their last Returning Feast was weird. For seven years, this had been a staple of her January, every bit as important ... more
    • The real world is scary! — Lauren, Sun Nov 19 14:45
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