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Ingrid Wolseithcrafte
Probably more on the bird side
Tue Nov 21, 2017 05:45

Christmas had been a little strange. It had been getting quieter for years. Now that Barnabus worked, he wasn’t around for all the parties in the run up, but that was pretty normal by now. But now Francesca was married. She had come to them on Christmas Eve but spent the actual day with her in-laws. And that was only going to get worse. Owen Brockert hadn’t put a ring on Jemima’s finger yet, but it was surely only a matter of time. The boys… the boys she wasn’t so sure about. Theodore never mentioned anyone. Jemima had pointed out the way that Barnabus talked about his secretary, and that it seemed like he was decidedly fond of her in more than an employer/employee kind of way. Ingrid had to take her sister’s word for that, she wasn’t big into subtlety. If people liked each other, she thought they should just say it, not sit blushing subtly into the china when questioned by their families. That didn’t get you anywhere.

At the feast, she found herself next to Pecari’s newest Quidditch recruit, which she guessed was sort of a good thing in terms of team bonding, and making him feel at home and stuff, but she wasn’t particularly convinced that she had much common ground with a first year, Muggleborn boy. At least they did have Quidditch in common.

His question was a slight variation on the usual ‘how was your holidays’ and did prompt her to think a bit more.

“My brothers, my oldest sister and me had a broom-back snowball fight. We do most years, but it’s pretty much my favourite bit of the holidays. And it’s nice cos normally Theodore is Mr. Serious about everything, and they’re all quite grown up now. I’m glad they still want to do it. How about you?” she asked.

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    • Probably more on the bird side — Ingrid Wolseithcrafte, Tue Nov 21 05:45
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          “Maybe we can include it as a training exercise,” Ingrid agreed, when Parker mentioned how much fun a broomstick snowball fight sounded, and that they should do them at school. To her, it was one of... more
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