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Tue Nov 21, 2017 20:04

Ruby nodded in agreement. "It's a large fire and it's supposed to be a good time. I'm not entirely sure what we do." Just because her grandfather was the Headmaster didn't necessarily meant she knew what was going on. "From what I understand, events are different in some way everytime except for the ball. Those are usually just....balls, but like, not the same exact kinds held by society."

The ball was actually the Midsummer event that she looked forward to the most. She would get to wear a beautiful gown, and as it was next year, Ruby was already starting to look. One of her favorite things in the world was looking at beautiful clothes and jewelry. And hopefully she'd have a date. Not everyone ended up with one as there were usually more girls than boys.Of course, often in the younger years, very few people would have a date and as she'd only be a second year next year that would be so super disappointing. But she'd have a ball sixth year too! And maybe Ruby would get a date for that one! Unless of course, she was already betrothed to someone outside of school, and then she couldn't. Unless she was prefect. The she'd have to dance the opening dance and it would be so utterly mortifying to do that by herself!

She went over the list of guys in her year and the one above. Okay, so Gary and Parker weren't purebloods-though would be still suitable enough to do the prefect dance with if need be, there had once been a time when Brockerts and related parties didn't become prefects and Head Students much but those days were over so it could happen-and Vlad was her cousin. Ruby thought Connor Priory might be too. She wasn't sure about Ryder Knight's family, as she thought a distant cousin of hers had married someone whose last name was Knight awhile back. And Brett Newell's family had a scandal very recently. So.....Dorian or Jehan were her best choices. Hopefully one would ask her. Next year too.

"Oh no, you don't have to share with your roommates." Ruby assured Dorian. "I mean, you can, my sister probably will, but like some people don't like their roommates or don't have any. Just so long as everyone has someone to share with. People usually share with their friends." What had happened at the last bonfire was still rather a sore point with Angelique. She and Tasha had been left out while the other girls in their year shared a tent and were now the best of friends. While Ruby felt really bad for her cousin, she hoped things would work out more like they did for the other fifth year girls for her.

"They were great!" Ruby exclaimed. "I love the holidays, they're my favorite time of year. Especially now that I'm at school and the only people I see the rest of the time are Emerald and Grandfather. How were yours?"

  • A Bonne FireDorian, Sun Nov 12 11:06
    “Bonfire… Bonne fire” he repeated, partly to himself, and then more brightly to Ruby. ”Bonne fire ” Bonne is ‘good’ in French,” he explained, in case she didn’t understand, “So, maybe I can remember... more
    • Hopefully — Ruby, Tue Nov 21 20:04
      • Let's get planningDorian, Sat Nov 25 13:29
        Dorian could not think of much one would do at a fire either, except simply enjoy it, which to him sounded more than enough, and perhaps nicer than a fancy ball. He liked the way that flames danced.... more
        • To have fun?Ruby, Wed Nov 29 17:43
          "Oh good! I'm glad." Not that Ruby thought that Dorian didn't like Vlad, but she was glad to hear it anyway because she generally wanted people to get along and be happy. She nodded in agreement to... more
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