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And cookies
Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:21

Ben grinned back and agreed, “Absolutely,” to Kir’s encouragement to come to the Foundation’s New Years party when he was 21. He suspected he could probably cajole Bel to take him once he was graduated from Sonora, but Bel could be a bit of a prude sometimes and an auror always, so maybe not. If he drank even a sip of alcohol as a minor and her guest, she could get in trouble, so he supposed he understood her reluctance.

He nodded in sympathetic understanding to Kir’s woes of not having cousins. Cole was only a year and a half old, so he’d been in the same boat when he’d been Kir’s age, and he hadn’t had the advantage of a sibling to share some of the attention with. And he had three grandmas to be tutted over by. Four, if you counted Great-Aunt Lauren, which he did. Three, if you didn’t count Gramelia, because she didn’t tut.

“Yeah, Cole’s my only cousin,” he confirmed. “Uncle Four and Aunt Reggie might have more later - Cole’s not even two yet, but for now he’s an only child. Aunt Bel . . . thankfully has no offspring.” He grinned wryly, though that would surely come as no surprise since Kir probably knew her well enough to realize she rarely dated (and when she did, it was with girls) and wasn’t exactly, ah, good with kids. "And Mom's an only child."

  • With hot chocolateKir, Sat Nov 18 06:17
    “Well, I’ll look forward to seeing you then,” Kir grinned, amused at Bel’s ruling on when Ben would be allowed to attend their New Year gathering. “That sounds fun. We’ve been all over. My dad and... more
    • And cookies — Ben, Wed Nov 22 10:21
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