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Vladimir Brockert
Yes you are definitely doing both of those things
Wed Nov 22, 2017 17:05

Big, grey eyes stared back at the girl before him, wide with surprise and maybe a slight hint of terror. She was a bit taller than him and speaking wildly in Not English, which was of course always a bit jarring. Fortunately, he had been at Sonora long enough to recognize her and she wasn’t just some crazy stranger. Tatiana Vorotonsova - although he was somewhat sure she just called herself Tatiana something else in there - had a very Russian sounding name, and that was helpful because that was definitely the language she just rattled off at him.

“...Okay,” he said after taking a moment to try to process the series of noises that had just happened to him. “You said my name twice, then you said hello, then some stuff I don’t know, then your name, and then maybe the word for Russian? But that’s all I got.” It was an impressive amount, Vlad thought, and actually, he was kinda proud of himself. He was by no means fluent. His mom, having grown up in Moscow, taught the kids some stuff here and there. Mostly, his maternal family members only spoke in Russian when they didn’t want him to know what they were talking about. He still caught names though, and he was pretty sure the language was mostly used to talk about Aunt Jamie’s late ex-husband. He definitely knew that his grandmother was using words she would never use in English; he could tell from his mom’s facial expressions.

“Are you from Russia?” he asked curiously. “My mom grew up there. That’s why I got a Russian name. My sisters don’t have Russian names, though. My big sister is Ivy - she’s a second year - and my little sister is Lavender - she’s too little for school. My grandmother is a Tupolova,” he added helpfully. Tatiana had to be a pureblood, because why would a Russian muggleborn go to school internationally? And the Tupolovs were a pretty big deal over there, so maybe that information would help Tatiana place things.

  • Rushing up and speaking Russian (tag Vlad).Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu Oct 26 21:05
    Since arriving at Sonora, Tatiana had found herself dealing with an enemy. This enemy was totally unexpected, particularly as she had never encountered it before in her life, that she could recall,... more
    • Yes you are definitely doing both of those things — Vladimir Brockert, Wed Nov 22 17:05
      • Big blue-green eyes, only a little darker than the aquamarines in their owner’s ears, stared back at Vladimir with surprise and maybe a little dismay as he said a whole paragraph in English.... more
        • That seems like a lotVlad, Fri Nov 24 09:17
          Oh. Oh no . His friend was sad! She tried to hide it, but Vlad could tell. His response hadn’t been what she wanted to hear, and now she was sad. He didn’t like it when people were sad. That made him ... more
          • Tell me about it.Tatiana , Sun Nov 26 12:35
            At home, Tatiana was used to having physical contact with others. This was an inevitable consequence of sharing a bedroom with one of her sisters and her sitting and dressing rooms with all three –... more
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