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Now I'm trying to speak Russian and English simultaneously.
Wed Nov 22, 2017 19:14

Big blue-green eyes, only a little darker than the aquamarines in their owner’s ears, stared back at Vladimir with surprise and maybe a little dismay as he said a whole paragraph in English. Tatiana’s smile dropped from her face, and her bottom lip trembled for a moment before she bit it, hard, to keep herself from crying before a stranger.

The burning sensation in her chest reminded her most of humiliation, though she didn’t think that was the right name for it now. It had been difficult, knowing she couldn’t speak easily or fluently to anyone, ever since she had realized that native speakers didn't sound anything like Papa and rather different even from Anton Petrovich when they spoke English with her – but compared to this, it had been a sunny afternoon in June. She didn’t realize how much she had missed hearing voices other than her own speak Russian until now, when she had so expected to hear just that and had been disappointed.

“I know this name,” said Tatiana dully when he attempted to explain why he had a normal name. His jabber about his sisters washed over her without making much of an impression; she thought lavender was a flower, but did not know ivee, and her main thought was a slightly vicious reflection that his mama and papa ought to have named him Tree or Cloud or something, to match his inanimate-object sisters. “I do not know them. I from Alaska, but Mama from Rossiya – Dedushka Papy from Rossiya. Sistery go to school there.” She was so depressed she didn’t notice she had begun combining English words with Russian grammar and pluralization. “I sorry – your name confuses,” she concluded.

  • Yes you are definitely doing both of those thingsVladimir Brockert, Wed Nov 22 17:05
    Big, grey eyes stared back at the girl before him, wide with surprise and maybe a slight hint of terror. She was a bit taller than him and speaking wildly in Not English, which was of course always a ... more
    • Now I'm trying to speak Russian and English simultaneously. — Tatiana, Wed Nov 22 19:14
      • That seems like a lotVlad, Fri Nov 24 09:17
        Oh. Oh no . His friend was sad! She tried to hide it, but Vlad could tell. His response hadn’t been what she wanted to hear, and now she was sad. He didn’t like it when people were sad. That made him ... more
        • Tell me about it.Tatiana , Sun Nov 26 12:35
          At home, Tatiana was used to having physical contact with others. This was an inevitable consequence of sharing a bedroom with one of her sisters and her sitting and dressing rooms with all three –... more
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