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That seems like a lot
Fri Nov 24, 2017 09:17


Oh no.

His friend was sad! She tried to hide it, but Vlad could tell. His response hadn’t been what she wanted to hear, and now she was sad. He didn’t like it when people were sad. That made him sad, too, and he didn’t like being sad.

He listened to what she had to say, and he did think it was cool that they were from Alaska with some immediate Russian heritage, like her mom and her dad’s grandpa - family words, he had down pretty well - but he felt his little heart break when she said she was sorry. “Oh, no! Don’t apologize!” he insisted, gently placing his hands on her shoulders in the hopes of offering some comfort.

“I’m sorry I got your hopes up,” he said with a weak smile. “But, uh, I can learn more Russian, if that would make you feel better? I can have my mom teach me more over our letters or when I go home for break. Or you can teach me, if you feel up to it,” Vlad added optimistically. His smile grew a little, proud of his own suggestion and how it might make her feel better. “It’ll be okay.”

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    • That seems like a lot — Vlad, Fri Nov 24 09:17
      • Tell me about it.Tatiana , Sun Nov 26 12:35
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