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Let's get planning
Sat Nov 25, 2017 13:29

Dorian could not think of much one would do at a fire either, except simply enjoy it, which to him sounded more than enough, and perhaps nicer than a fancy ball. He liked the way that flames danced. They were a living sort of poetry, and held an expression of beauty that transcended language. And already his mind was occupied with how he could share these thoughts with Jehan, knowing that they would be safe with him. Perhaps they could look up some poems about fires in the weeks beforehand, to get into the spirit and mark the occasion.

“I like my roommate,” he assured her quickly, when she mentioned that people might not want to share with their roommates, due to not getting on. Not that she had implied that he didn’t, but he wanted to make sure that point was clear, seeing as his roommate was Ruby’s cousin. Vlad was always kind to him. He had a certain gentleness about his nature which Dorian appreciated. “But maybe we can join together with Jehan. That will be fun. Who do you like to share with?

“Yes, I have nice time with my sister, and my parents,” he nodded. He thought he had mentioned Matthieu’s existence to Ruby before, in which case he might at this point be conspicuous by his absence from that sentence… “Émilie decorates for me a picture frame, and I get some books, new clotheses. And we have many nice food. What presents did you had?”

  • HopefullyRuby, Tue Nov 21 20:04
    Ruby nodded in agreement. "It's a large fire and it's supposed to be a good time. I'm not entirely sure what we do." Just because her grandfather was the Headmaster didn't necessarily meant she knew... more
    • Let's get planning — Dorian, Sat Nov 25 13:29
      • To have fun?Ruby, Wed Nov 29 17:43
        "Oh good! I'm glad." Not that Ruby thought that Dorian didn't like Vlad, but she was glad to hear it anyway because she generally wanted people to get along and be happy. She nodded in agreement to... more
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