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Tell me about it.
Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:35

At home, Tatiana was used to having physical contact with others. This was an inevitable consequence of sharing a bedroom with one of her sisters and her sitting and dressing rooms with all three – when she had first arrived, she had been momentarily confused about how on earth she was supposed to wash her hair or her back, as she and Katya had performed those functions for each other since they were old enough and Nadezhda had performed them for them before that. Since arriving at Sonora, though, she didn’t think she’d had more than momentary, incidental brushes with other people, so she stiffened with surprise when the Amerikanets Vladimir put his hands on her shoulders.

In her current mood, his offer to learn Russian did not go over nearly as well as Dorya’s had with her. “You learn Russian in – home time?” she asked skeptically, forgetting the English word for ‘holidays.’ “You know how long I learn English? Since I have six years. Now Anton Petrovich says I sound like a baby with three years when I talk English. You learn Russian in home time? Na.”

She deflated as the realization that he didn’t really deserve her temper punctured the balloon of her momentary irritation and allowed less focused misery take its place again. “Do not remember this,” she encouraged him, glumly again. “My fault – I come here, who expects you to talk Russian? Your familiya – po-Angliiski.” She shrugged philosophically. “You – with Dorian Montoir you live, yes? He – my friend,” she said, trying to change the subject to something more agreeable, as it seemed he was going to be one of those people who wouldn’t just leave someone alone to enjoy a wallow in her unhappiness with a situation.

  • That seems like a lotVlad, Fri Nov 24 09:17
    Oh. Oh no . His friend was sad! She tried to hide it, but Vlad could tell. His response hadn’t been what she wanted to hear, and now she was sad. He didn’t like it when people were sad. That made him ... more
    • Tell me about it. — Tatiana , Sun Nov 26 12:35
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