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Dorian Montoir
A special day (tag Tatiana and friends)
Mon Dec 4, 2017 20:13

Dorian hurried down to the Cascade Hall. He had tried to ask Tatya as casually as possible what time she planned to be down to breakfast so he could co-ordinate with her, but he didn’t want to leave her sitting alone, especially not today. He suspected she knew why, given that he had asked on the evening of the twenty-fourth (or the eleventh, according to the Russian calendar), and given that they had discussed it before Midterm, but he was still hoping for some element of slight surprise. He had not been able to rush any of his morning preparations, as he generally cared about being neat in his appearance, and expected that it was something Tatiana valued too. Not that there was much to do - he had brushed his his dark, straight hair, though it was hardly noticeable when he didn’t do this, and was wearing a smart shirt and slacks, all of which were par for the course. He was not running late from these scant preparations, but he was still anxious to be on time.

He had told Vlad and Jehan that they should sit with Tatiana for breakfast, not that it was unusual for any of them to do that, but he wanted to make sure. He’d also invited Ruby, as she’d expressed a desire to get to know the other girls in her year better. He also wasn’t going to push anyone out if they saw that something celebratory was going on and came over to investigate.

He was first to arrive. He took a seat at the Pecari table, out of deference to the guest of honour, waving her over enthusiastically when she entered the hall.

“Privet, Tatya,” he smiled, standing to greet her, and offering her a little bow as it was a special day. “Schastlivyy den' svatyoi Tat'yany,” he added. He had got her to note down the appropriate greeting when they had talked about it at the Club of Tongues meeting before Christmas, and had been practising it for the past week. He managed to get the words out without tripping over his own self-consciousness, even if he wasn’t one hundred percent sure he was saying them right.

The owl he’d been expecting chose that very fortuitous moment to make its entrance. Whilst he knew the elves at school were very talented, he wasn’t quite sure how at any individual student’s disposal they were. He had heard of people arranging birthday cakes, but that was a little different. Everyone knew and understood what birthdays were. All in all, it had been easier to look up bakeries in the local area and put in an owl order. He only hoped it was right, in several senses… First, although he had tried to research it in the library back in Montreal, he had been able to find out limited information about Tatiana Day. It was a saint day, name day, and celebration of all things student-related, and what he had read mentioned and showed games being played, but no one had been able to inform him about the particulars of the cake that should be served. He could have asked Tatya herself, but he thought she deserved to have things taken care of for her, and to be surprised. Hopefully in a good way. He supposed that, even if there was a particular style of cake, it was unlikely that a bakery in Arizona would be able to produce it. He had chosen a chocolate sponge with cream and fresh strawberries between the layers and, taking note of Tatya’s general style, the most elaborate icing possible. The thing was covered in roses and swirls and, he hoped, read ‘Happy Tatiana Day’ in the centre. This was another point of anxiety, and one that made him question his choice to outsource. Elves were very good at doing exactly as they were told. Humans tried to problem solve and correct things. He had therefore included in his order a note which, alongside stating his desired inscription, read ‘This is not a birthday cake. It is a cake for celebration of a festival called Tatiana Day. Please do not change the message,’ lest the baker assumed he had simply miswritten what he wanted.

The large grey owl fluttered down, gently placing the box on the table in front of Tatya.

“I think it is for you…” Dorian stated, holding his breath as he waited to see whether both he and the bakery had got it right…

OOC - Dorian learning the Russian from Tatya approved by her author. Sitting togetherness approved by everyone.

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