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Tatiana Vorontsova
Special indeed!
Tue Dec 5, 2017 22:35

Reflection was not something Tatiana often engaged in, and almost never voluntarily tried to engage in. Sometimes, however, reflective thoughts slipped up on her unawares and entered her head and refused to leave until she processed them. A few days before her name’s day, this disagreeable phenomenon occurred, and she realized that her expectation that the school would observe her day – or, indeed, given that she was the only Russian in the school, even Tatiana Day as a holiday for students – in the manner to which she was accustomed. After all, they had not observed a single other occasion she was accustomed to: proper food on proper days, Rodezhdvo on the proper day, they didn’t even sing ‘Many Years’ on birthdays. Why would they observe Tatiana Day?

Fortunately, this thought occurred to her in her dormitory, which meant she got past her initial burst of frustration in private and was able to steel herself to not reacting to the likely inevitable disappointment. This made the first gift in the parcel a sleepy owl brought to her window on the morning of 25/11 January the source of more annoyance – it was a slim book from her parents, and the title was The Beauty of Self-Control. She frowned in exasperation, but then her eyes welled up just as quickly when she read the inscription – To Tatiana, with congratulations on your name’s day. With tenderest love from Mama and Papa. - and she had to blot them on her sheet before raining kisses on the new photograph of Mama, Papa, Katya, Alexei, and the household which was tucked into the front cover. Also enclosed were two drawings by Katya, florals, which she quickly stood up on her nightstand with all the framed photographs she had brought with her and the album she had brought along to put new ones her family sent to her and which she took at Sonora through the year in, and another book, a novel, with an embroidered bookmark from Tetya Ksenia. A second parcel arrived before she went down to breakfast, this one from her siblings in Russia – Anya had sent a third book, poetry, and Sonia had put in a tin of sweets, and Grisha had contributed a trio of brightly enameled bracelets, which she promptly put on before kissing the signatures on the enclosed, note, too, and only then remembering that Dorian had asked when she would come to breakfast….

He was already sitting at the Pecari table, which made her feel a bit guilty when she walked in, but before she could begin trying to apologize for being a bit late in English, French, or a muddle of the two, Dorian distracted her from the matter completely by attempting to wish her a happy Tatiana Day in Russian. She beamed at him, pleased with the effort. “Pozhaluista, Dorya,” she thanked him. “Kak delal?” How things was a phrase she had taught the others, so she didn’t worry about having automatically continued in Russian then.

When an owl approached with a box, Tatiana expected it was from Babushka or one of her other tetki or dyadki. “Da – may-be aunty, or dyadka.” She forgot the English word for an uncle. When she opened it, though, she was surprised to see cake and flourishing English writing, spelling out Happy Tatiana Day. For a moment, she was puzzled, wondering why any of her aunts or uncles or grandparents would send a cake in English, and then she put it together and looked up incredulously.

“You get me cake? Eto prekrasnyy tort! Blagodaryu vas – ty tak dobr – ah, Dorya – ” Smiling as widely as she ever had, she spontaneously threw her arms around his neck, a gesture of close friendship she had not previously engaged in with anyone here. He might have understood that she had called it a beautiful cake and used a different form of ‘thank you’ and called him a so-something, but she had said it so rapidly that if she had thought of it, she would not have bet on it. Instead of thinking of it, though, she segued into a mangled muddle of English, Russian, and mostly-remembered French. “Here, here, here – c’est tvoi tort aussi, tu student. Your day too.” She beamed around at the nearest people. “We all have cake,” she announced. “I think is choklad,” she added, guessing by smell and mixing the English and Russian words for chocolate in her multilingual excitement.

  • A special day (tag Tatiana and friends)Dorian Montoir, Mon Dec 4 20:13
    Dorian hurried down to the Cascade Hall. He had tried to ask Tatya as casually as possible what time she planned to be down to breakfast so he could co-ordinate with her, but he didn’t want to leave... more
    • Special indeed! — Tatiana Vorontsova, Tue Dec 5 22:35
      • Glad to hear thatDorian, Fri Dec 8 02:23
        Dorian suppressed a small smile as Tatya seemed to genuinely muse over who might have sent the box. And then she saw it, and the English writing, and the knut dropped. At first, he wasn’t sure if he... more
        • Spreading goodwill to more (tag for Jasmine).Tatiana, Thu Dec 14 17:18
          “Ha,” said Tatiana, still beaming, when Dorian joked about studying. “At home no study – at home, Tatiana Day, we tell Teacher what to do! No study. First at home, not fun – Mama, Papa – they – show... more
          • And to all a good Tatiana Day!Jasmine, Thu Dec 21 15:57
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            • And lots of things that are shiny.Tatiana, Thu Dec 21 21:37
              “Thank you,” said Tatiana in English when Jasmine wished her a happy Tatiana Day, surprised for a moment that the other girl knew what was it was. Then she remembered the cake, which was still... more
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