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Play Quidditch as a well bonded team
Thu Dec 7, 2017 22:57

“Maybe we can include it as a training exercise,” Ingrid agreed, when Parker mentioned how much fun a broomstick snowball fight sounded, and that they should do them at school. To her, it was one of those goofy things you just did in the holidays with family but she supposed it was all useful flying practise, and probably team bonding and stuff like that. Stuff that she’d be responsible for next year. She would have to bond with people like Parker, and make sure other people did. Not that she didn’t have to do that now - they were on the chasing team together, and had to work well together - but it hit her how much she’d be responsible for team dynamics. She knew she had the Quidditch part down, but that part hadn’t really occurred to her before. She didn’t have anything against Parker. Not really. Not as a specific human, so much as a type, anyway. But she felt like there was this huge chasm in terms of age, and life experience. Plus she was the youngest of five. It was weird to suddenly be the big kid who was supposed to look after all the little ones and make sure they got on or whatever. People had always done that for her, not the other way around.

Parker seemed to have a fairly long story about his holiday. Ingrid listened whilst loading her plate up with food.

“Like you,” she commented, when he finished his story about the birdfish and it living in two different worlds. Ingrid wasn’t the most bookish person but it didn’t take much to see the symbolism at work there. She wasn’t quite sure about the birdfish finding out that both worlds had things to offer. She didn’t think that part translated very well to the wizarding world, which kept itself secret from the Muggles who would only want to take advantage of it owing to its vastly superior resources. Personally, she thought it sounded kind of sucky and confusing being a birdfish. She twirled a piece of spaghetti on her fork trying to think of something else to say but it was really difficult. She didn’t get what Parker’s life was like, and couldn’t imagine. She knew that Muggleborns couldn’t really help it, not like halfbloods whose parents had made them occupy both worlds on purpose, but it didn’t make them any easier to handle.

“It’s not stupid,” she assured him. At least that part was easy, and it was true. When she had been Parker’s age, she had been into collecting pretty feathers and nice rocks. She still did sometimes. And the old guy obviously meant it from the heart, and there was the whole nice story to go with it. Whilst those might have been reassuring things to tell him, Ingrid wasn’t much of an open up and express your feelings kind of person. Unless that feeling was anger, and the person was Louis. That was easier. She glanced across at the Aladren table, where her yearmate was sitting... “So, how is it being back up in the air, birdfish?” she asked, returning her attention to Parker. She wished Jemima was here. Her sister was much better at people and all that feelingsy stuff.

  • Birds of a featherParker Fitzgerald, Thu Dec 7 09:21
    Parker always felt a bit awkward next to Ingrid for some reason. He felt like he was being held to some standard that he didn't fully understand. Still, she always seemed nice, and she had let him... more
    • Play Quidditch as a well bonded team — Ingrid, Thu Dec 7 22:57
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