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Glad to hear that
Fri Dec 8, 2017 02:23

Dorian suppressed a small smile as Tatya seemed to genuinely muse over who might have sent the box. And then she saw it, and the English writing, and the knut dropped. At first, he wasn’t sure if he had made good or bad decisions. The incredulous look on her face, followed by the phrase ‘You got me cake?’ could easily have indicated wrongdoing. The burst of Russian did little to help him, but as it was accompanied by a beaming smile and a very sudden hug he got the message. He had done well. He had just enough time to return this with a tentative arm around Tatya. Once the whirlwind of that had passed, he realised he and Tatya hadn’t really hugged before. He was a naturally very huggy person and didn’t mind being swept up at all, or returning the gesture. He wasn’t sure Tatya was an everyday hugger, so much as an excited burst-of-emotion hugger though, and expected that it might be up to her to initiate any further hugs between them.

“You explain me that there must be cake,” he reminded her, a little taken aback by how surprised she was, but very gratified with her response. He could be very sure that he had made her happy, and that was what he had wanted. He smiled as she offered him, and everyone else, a share, reminding him that it was their day too. Even though it was most definitely a gâteau and not a torte they were both dessert-related words, and he was able to understand her meaning.

“So, what else must we do for Tatiana Day? Except study, of course,” he added, both because it was a weekday, meaning they had classes, and also because he thought that might be true/funny given that it was a day for students.

  • Special indeed!Tatiana Vorontsova, Tue Dec 5 22:35
    Reflection was not something Tatiana often engaged in, and almost never voluntarily tried to engage in. Sometimes, however, reflective thoughts slipped up on her unawares and entered her head and... more
    • Glad to hear that — Dorian, Fri Dec 8 02:23
      • Spreading goodwill to more (tag for Jasmine).Tatiana, Thu Dec 14 17:18
        “Ha,” said Tatiana, still beaming, when Dorian joked about studying. “At home no study – at home, Tatiana Day, we tell Teacher what to do! No study. First at home, not fun – Mama, Papa – they – show... more
        • And to all a good Tatiana Day!Jasmine, Thu Dec 21 15:57
          Jasmine walked into the Cascade Hall wearing a long red sparkling dress with Santa Claus like puffs of white fake fur at the ends of her sleeves and at the bottom hem of the gown. It was still... more
          • And lots of things that are shiny.Tatiana, Thu Dec 21 21:37
            “Thank you,” said Tatiana in English when Jasmine wished her a happy Tatiana Day, surprised for a moment that the other girl knew what was it was. Then she remembered the cake, which was still... more
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