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Spreading goodwill to more (tag for Jasmine).
Thu Dec 14, 2017 17:18

“Ha,” said Tatiana, still beaming, when Dorian joked about studying. “At home no study – at home, Tatiana Day, we tell Teacher what to do! No study. First at home, not fun – Mama, Papa – they – show us Tat’yana Rimskaya.” She did not know how to express this in English at all – obviously Mama and Papa could not show them someone who’d been dead for centuries, but it was not a photograph, either…. “In window. Then we go to – leader-house. All serious, listen to leader, and sing. Then Matushka - “ she tried to remember if she had ever tried to explain the concept of the Mayor’s wife to her friends – “gives us – studenty – presents. Grisha and the Bigs, they say in Russia, at school, they run town streets - all wild - but Mama not would allow that. At home we not study, but this is all. Mama not like a noisy house.”

Of course, the house was never really quiet – Alyosha had not yet learned to be quiet at all, and someone always forgot to be quiet and got too rowdy in some game – but that was far too complicated to explain. In her present good mood, however, she was cheered by the thought that she could express herself better than she had in the beginning of the year. She was not sure she would have even tried to say all that in the beginning of the year – though it did, she supposed, help that it was her friends she was talking to. In the beginning of the year, she had been so occupied with her English grammar that it had been exhausting to say more than two sentences at once, but she was less concerned about being judged over it now and so could put more effort into thinking about the ideas or objects she was trying to describe.

Tatiana saw Jasmine and stood up to wave to her, hoping she would come join them, too, as Tatiana was in an expansive temper, really liking everyone and everything more than usual - the world was a sunny place when someone went out of his way to get her cake - but she liked Jasmine specifically since they had come back to school. “Yasmin, come! We have party,” she called, then plopped back down into her chair something less than gracefully. She finished slicing the cake into slices and carefully lifted one out for herself. “There, there - all have if you want,” she said, waving the others to the cake, not thinking that other people’s sweet teeth might not be up to chocolate cake first thing in the morning and looking for a teapot.

  • Glad to hear thatDorian, Fri Dec 8 02:23
    Dorian suppressed a small smile as Tatya seemed to genuinely muse over who might have sent the box. And then she saw it, and the English writing, and the knut dropped. At first, he wasn’t sure if he... more
    • Spreading goodwill to more (tag for Jasmine). — Tatiana, Thu Dec 14 17:18
      • And to all a good Tatiana Day!Jasmine, Thu Dec 21 15:57
        Jasmine walked into the Cascade Hall wearing a long red sparkling dress with Santa Claus like puffs of white fake fur at the ends of her sleeves and at the bottom hem of the gown. It was still... more
        • And lots of things that are shiny.Tatiana, Thu Dec 21 21:37
          “Thank you,” said Tatiana in English when Jasmine wished her a happy Tatiana Day, surprised for a moment that the other girl knew what was it was. Then she remembered the cake, which was still... more
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