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And to all a good Tatiana Day!
Thu Dec 21, 2017 15:57

Jasmine walked into the Cascade Hall wearing a long red sparkling dress with Santa Claus like puffs of white fake fur at the ends of her sleeves and at the bottom hem of the gown. It was still January, so she didn’t feel it was too far out of season yet and she liked the way it shimmered when she moved. The fake fur gave it a weight and shape that she found pleasant and flattering, like a big hooped princess dress, but without the irritation of a rigid hoop. She had further adorned her dark hair with a pretty red bow which likewise sparkled prettily.

Her jewelry was minimal today - just a pair of silver stud earrings and a silver chain necklace, but she had added a bit of clear shimmery lip gloss (the tube of which she had brought along with her, not expecting the first application to survive breakfast unscathed) to make up for the lack of gemstones, as none of those in her jewelry box really went with her dress today.

She was heading toward her usual seat at the Crotalus table when she noticed Tatiana waving her over and calling out a variation of her name. Curious, she changed direction and as she got closer, she saw the cake and Tatiana explained they were having a party. The inscription on the cake was a bit baffling, but Jasmine was well versed in diplomacy and etiquette so she winged it, “Happy Tatiana Day!” It being Tatiana’s name and Tatiana being the person who she knew the best of this group, she aimed the greeting the Russian girl.

Jasmine wasn’t entirely convinced that chocolate cake on an empty stomach was necessarily the best way to break her overnight fast, but she grabbed a plate and took a piece at the command of the (maybe?) birthday girl. She wasn’t sure if it would be rude to inquire as to the exact nature of the occasion they were celebrating - Russian etiquette and customs not being one of the topics her parents or grandparents or even Uncle Daniel had tried to teach her - so she made a mental note to quiz one of the party goers (other than Tatiana) about it later to see if they were any more informed than she was.

“Oh!” she exclaimed instead, her eye falling upon the bracelets Tatiana was wearing. “Are those new? I don’t recall seeing them before!” Since they met and went sledding together upon their return from Christmas break, the two girls had had several discussions about their accessories, so she didn’t think Tatiana would find it strange that she could recognize a good portion of her jewelry collection by now.

  • Spreading goodwill to more (tag for Jasmine).Tatiana, Thu Dec 14 17:18
    “Ha,” said Tatiana, still beaming, when Dorian joked about studying. “At home no study – at home, Tatiana Day, we tell Teacher what to do! No study. First at home, not fun – Mama, Papa – they – show... more
    • And to all a good Tatiana Day! — Jasmine, Thu Dec 21 15:57
      • And lots of things that are shiny.Tatiana, Thu Dec 21 21:37
        “Thank you,” said Tatiana in English when Jasmine wished her a happy Tatiana Day, surprised for a moment that the other girl knew what was it was. Then she remembered the cake, which was still... more
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