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And lots of things that are shiny.
Thu Dec 21, 2017 21:37

“Thank you,” said Tatiana in English when Jasmine wished her a happy Tatiana Day, surprised for a moment that the other girl knew what was it was. Then she remembered the cake, which was still readable, and supposed that was a more likely explanation than Jasmine mysteriously knowing what a name-day was. Though, Jasmine did seem to be dressed like Snegurochka now, after both western Christmas and Russian Rozhdestvo, so who knew? It was a pretty dress, no doubt, but since Christmas preceded Rozhdestvo, Tatiana was still a bit surprised to see Snegurochka in red at her name-day party.

Tatiana took a bite of her cake at last and closed her eyes in enjoyment as she ate it. “Ochen’ vkusnyi tort, Dorya,” she said in Russian after swallowing it. “Is good.” She thought he knew that khorosho was the general ‘good’ and hoped he could therefore follow that she had just told him it was a very tasty cake even though she didn’t know that specific word in English or French, or even if there was a word for that. There were some concepts that didn’t seem to translate well from Russian into English, after all, but she was pretty sure there was a word for something which tasted good which was separate from the general English ‘good,’ she just couldn’t bring it to mind….

She was quite distracted from this vexed problem when Jasmine asked about her bracelets. “Yes, new,” she said, holding out the adorned wrist for closer inspection. “Family sent presents for my name’s day - others sends me books, pictures, and Grishka sends me bracelets. Pretty colors, yes?” They were not ‘real’ jewelry - just, she assumed, what was available in the village near her siblings’ school and within the confines of Grisha’s not overly large allowance - but the enamelwork was pretty, delicate white, yellow, and pink flowers and green vines on bright backgrounds, two red and the center one blue.

OOC: ‘Snegurochka’ is the ‘Snow Maiden,’ who travels with Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost, counterpart of Father Christmas). She seems to be most often depicted wearing a traditional Russian gown and headdress in blue, frequently looking not entirely unlike Disney’s Queen Elsa with a half-moon-shaped headdress and no slits in her skirts, but Snegurochka in red is not a thing the internet is unaware of if Google is any indication.

  • And to all a good Tatiana Day!Jasmine, Thu Dec 21 15:57
    Jasmine walked into the Cascade Hall wearing a long red sparkling dress with Santa Claus like puffs of white fake fur at the ends of her sleeves and at the bottom hem of the gown. It was still... more
    • And lots of things that are shiny. — Tatiana, Thu Dec 21 21:37
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