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Headmaster Brockert
Fifth and Sixth Years
Sat Dec 30, 2017 15:21

Another year was almost up, having passed much the same as the last one, minus that unfortunate incident with the Umland brothers at the beginning of last term. Mortimer had ended up keeping a wary eye on Joe Umland. Which of course irritated him, because he didn't really want to pay attention to students other than his grandchildren. He preferred the administrative tasks and was inclined to dump anything involving social interaction on Selina or the Heads of House or classroom teachers.

It was in a student's best interest if they were dealt with by the teacher in whose class they were misbehaving in or their Head of House-for non-classroom bad behavior-then him. Not only because Mortimer had the demeanor of cactus but because if he had to deal with them, it rather annoyed him, and made him inclined to hand stricter punishments.

However, it had been his misfortune and Joe Umland's that Mortimer had been there for the incident, and now the Teppenpaw had been flagged, in his eyes, as a Problem Student. Fair, Mr. Umland hadn't done anything wrong since but as Mortimer had had to personally deal with him, and his brother who had now graduated, that was a Problem.

Anyway, today wasn't about Mr. Umland and his violent outbursts, today was about voting for next year's Head Students. Once the fifth and sixth years were assembled, Mortimer rose and began to speak. "I trust that you all know why you are here today, to pick who will be the next Head Boy and Head Girl of Sonora next year. " With that the ballots were dispensed.

OOC- Head student ballot can be found here- is in character and if you have more than one character, you vote per character. Votes can remain as anonymous as you would like them to be and you do not have to reply to this message even though you may if you'd like to. You have until the day before the new term starts to get your votes in.

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