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Winston Pierce
Claiming front row seats
Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:43

Upon getting off the wagon and bidding his sister good-bye and good luck at her Orientation, Winston went directly to the Cascade Hall. Firstly, he was famished. It was a long trip from New England to Arizona and he’d only had one single apple along to snack on. He was a growing boy. He needed sustenance.

Secondly, he wanted to make sure he had a good seat where he could actually see the sorting this year. He normally didn’t care all that much about seeing where the first years ended up, but this year his sister was among the new students and, with the new sorting method, it was much harder to see from across the room where one specific eleven year old ended up.

So after claiming a seat near where the first years had done their badge dunking last year, Winston began filling a plate with a couple small sandwiches and some pretzels, not enough to ruin his appetite for the feast later, but sufficient to settle his yammering stomach.

After a little while, someone sat nearby and Winston nodded politely. “Welcome back. Do you have anybody getting sorted this year?” he asked, as much to be a conversation opener than to hear the answer. He thought he already knew which of his friends and acquaintances had relatives starting with Caitlin, but confirmation was never a bad thing.

    • Carefully wording and intoning things.Simon Mordue, Sun Jan 28 18:08
      In theory, it was Simon’s job to look after both Nathaniel and Sylvia. In actuality, the two of them were joined at the hip by the time they got into the wagon, so he ended up feeling slightly... more
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