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Tatiana Vorontsova
I come bearing gifts.
Thu Jan 25, 2018 21:06

Tatiana returned to Sonora with her hat slightly askew, a casualty of the wagon bouncing a bit as it landed. Normally, she would have corrected it before she went into the building, but on the first day of her second year, this was not possible, because her hands were full of small parcels wrapped in paper.

Shopping in Volshebnaya Derevnya was not encouraged – people who made things came to them, not the other way around – but in the dachniki community her family visited, it was permissible and it had seemed only logical to find things for her friends while she was out. Jasmine’s gift – a set of three bright enameled bangles similar to the ones Jasmine had admired at Tatiana’s name-day party – had been easy to find, select, and purchase. Dorian and Jehan had been only a little more difficult – new little notebooks for their language studies, plus a little Franco-Russian dictionary and phrasebook each – because she’d taken the time to find notebook covers that she thought each boy would like. Finally, there had been Vladimir, whose gift had been easy to imagine (an Anglo-Russian dictionary) but hard to find. She had crowed over her prize so much when she finally did find two copies of one that the other girls had teased her about having an English sweetheart, which had resulted in a pillowfight, during with a missile thrown by Tatiana had missed Sonia and hit an entering Mama instead. Luckily, Mama had been in a good mood that day and had, after scolding them only mildly for their behavior, paused on her way out to throw the pillow back, nearly knocking Tatiana down from the bed she’d been jumping on!

Tatiana loved it when they went away in the summer.

That, however, was over, with only her bundles of gifts and a fading suntan she had acquired despite Mama’s best efforts to prevent it as the only things left to show for it. Tatiana tried not to think too wistfully about it all as she went into the Cascade Hall, found a seat near the front of the Hall, and waited for the first friend. When she saw one, forgetting the pleasures of summer became much easier as she stood to wave that person over, calling out in her accented English and waving so two of her bracelets clinked together merrily.

    • I come thinking about someone I missDorian Montoir, Fri Jan 26 08:28
      As per his first year, and his return from Midterm break, when Dorian stepped off the wagon, there was a sagey tang of arnica on his skin, not normally present during the term. Matthieu had seen him... more
      • I hope to provide distractions.Tatiana, Fri Jan 26 12:37
        “No, no, no,” assured Tatiana, kissing Dorian on both cheeks after their hug. He smelled vaguely of medicine, she noticed – perhaps he had pulled a muscle in some late-summer sport; she had required... more
        • Partial successDorian, Fri Jan 26 19:29
          He returned Tatya's kisses, one on each cheek. He had definitely been right not to class her as American. Americans didn't understand very well about kissing, and that it really was to be used with... more
          • Am I a distraction?Jehan Callahan, Mon Jan 29 15:34
            Being back home after visiting Dorian had been quite boring for Jehan. The time had seemed to drag, and not in that fun way of always having more time in which to do exciting things. He’d tried... more
            • Six of one, half a dozen of the other.Tatiana , Tue Jan 30 18:17
              “You too - and it keeps up English, French to me, little,” said Tatiana of their admittedly something-less-than-scintillating letters over the summer. “Speak English with Katya and Papa and Nadezhda... more
              • You're homeDorian, Wed Jan 31 06:17
                “Same. And try to be mostly English when Jehan visits,” he nodded, as Tatya talked about the linguistics of her holidays. He had mentioned Jehan coming to visit in his letters to her, along with the... more
                • And so schastlivyi to be iciJehan, Tue Feb 13 12:41
                  Jehan was relieved to hear Dorian was okay now, but still a little concerned. Dorian’s happiness to see him didn’t seem to be simply a dramatic ‘I missed you so much’, but more like there was some... more
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