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Dorian Montoir
I come thinking about someone I miss
Fri Jan 26, 2018 08:28

As per his first year, and his return from Midterm break, when Dorian stepped off the wagon, there was a sagey tang of arnica on his skin, not normally present during the term. Matthieu had seen him off for the year with a dead arm, and he'd just had time to nip into the washroom before boarding the wagon and to apply some bruise balm to it, which would not only stop the bruise from forming, but had the added benefit of numbing it. It felt better by the time he arrived at school, though there was a hint of the clean medicinal smell still hanging about him. He found that the distance also did a lot to push his brother to the back of his mind, slowly fading out like the pain in his arm. It was easier not to think of him when he was at Sonora, out from under Matthieu's shadow, in this happy, warm place where he was wanted and liked. He knew that once he had his friends around him again, he'd feel completely better. Matthieu made him feel small and vulnerable... He made him feel somehow fragmented. Having his friends around filled him up and made his soul feel whole. People often said that love was the most powerful kind of magic, and he had always believed it, but it was very different experiencing that for real.

Professor Xavier was by the wagons to get new first years, meaning he got his house password straight away, but he didn't go up to Teppenpaw. He would sit with his housemates for the feast, and wanted to see his friends in other houses first, especially as they were his two closest friends.

Even though he'd seen Jehan the most recently of all his friends, as they'd snuck in a glorious week long visit whilst Matthieu had been away at Quidditch camp, it was Jehan he sought when he dismounted the wagon. It had been a long couple of weeks adjusting back to having Matthieu after his friend's stay, and Jehan was the one most likely to provide him with the hugs and kind words that would sooth his soul, even if Jehan wouldn't know how much he needed it. Matthieu had also tried using Jehan against him. Dorian wasn't very good at hiding his feelings, or keeping his temper when Matthieu hit the nail on the head, and teasing him about Jehan was an easy way to get a reaction. He couldn't write to Jehan without worrying that Matthieu was going to steal his letter and laugh at him. He couldn't mention Jehan at the dinner table without Matthieu smirking and mouthing horrible things or making obscene gestures at him. It felt sometimes like Matthieu wanted to ruin the best thing he had in his life, and he just wanted to see Jehan to recalibrate; to know he was still real and everything was fine, and that nothing Matthieu had said had changed anything. Figuring that the MARS rooms would be popular for reunions and, as the youngest students currently free to roam the school, they were the lowest on the pecking order, Dorian thought they might head to the library instead... They could look out a couple of the volumes of poetry he'd found last year, and find a quiet corner where they could settle down, exchanging whispered summer news and talk about books. Peace, quiet, books, Jehan. It sounded perfect.

However, it was Tatya he saw first on entering the hall, and she very definitely wanted his attention as she stood, waving him over. He noticed the little stack of parcels on the table behind her, and initially wondered whether it was someone's birthday and that he didn't know about it because he hadn't been friends with them last year, but he knew it wasn't Jehan or Vlad's and he didn't know of Tatya having close enough friends to warrant presents outside of the Club of Tongues. Plus it seemed like a bit much for one person. He supposed he would find out in due course...

“Privet, salut, nihau,” he greeted her, “Oh, and hello. That other language,” he added. He smiled, and it wasn't that it was ungenuine – it reached all the way to his eyes – but he was definitely less animated than he had been when he parted ways from all of them at the bonfire. He put his arms around Tatya, hugging her firmly, and for just a moment longer than was entirely normal. “You don't forget me then?” he asked her. Tatya could be demonstrative in her affection but he felt the need to fish for the compliment in spite of the enthusiastic welcome.

“You look well. Good summer?” he asked. Tatya looked slightly tanned, although he elected not to mention this because he could never shake the feeling, bred by his mother, that it wasn't a good thing, regardless of how much Canadians and Americans seemed to prize it and, even if Alaska was technically one of the United States, Tatya was definitely not an American. His mother always fussed over them going in the sun, and had been doubly vigilant during Jehan's visit, afraid that if they took him outside they would 'ruin his pretty pale skin' and forcing sunblock and parasols on them. At least she hadn't enchanted the parasols to follow them, which he wouldn't have put past her. In spite of his mother's best efforts, he always returned from summer with his skin slightly darker. He took a seat next to Tatya, trying to not look inattentive to her answers, whilst also keeping half an eye on the door...

  • I come bearing gifts.Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu Jan 25 21:06
    Tatiana returned to Sonora with her hat slightly askew, a casualty of the wagon bouncing a bit as it landed. Normally, she would have corrected it before she went into the building, but on the first... more
    • I come thinking about someone I miss — Dorian Montoir, Fri Jan 26 08:28
      • I hope to provide distractions.Tatiana, Fri Jan 26 12:37
        “No, no, no,” assured Tatiana, kissing Dorian on both cheeks after their hug. He smelled vaguely of medicine, she noticed – perhaps he had pulled a muscle in some late-summer sport; she had required... more
        • Partial successDorian, Fri Jan 26 19:29
          He returned Tatya's kisses, one on each cheek. He had definitely been right not to class her as American. Americans didn't understand very well about kissing, and that it really was to be used with... more
          • Am I a distraction?Jehan Callahan, Mon Jan 29 15:34
            Being back home after visiting Dorian had been quite boring for Jehan. The time had seemed to drag, and not in that fun way of always having more time in which to do exciting things. He’d tried... more
            • Six of one, half a dozen of the other.Tatiana , Tue Jan 30 18:17
              “You too - and it keeps up English, French to me, little,” said Tatiana of their admittedly something-less-than-scintillating letters over the summer. “Speak English with Katya and Papa and Nadezhda... more
              • You're homeDorian, Wed Jan 31 06:17
                “Same. And try to be mostly English when Jehan visits,” he nodded, as Tatya talked about the linguistics of her holidays. He had mentioned Jehan coming to visit in his letters to her, along with the... more
                • And so schastlivyi to be iciJehan, Tue Feb 13 12:41
                  Jehan was relieved to hear Dorian was okay now, but still a little concerned. Dorian’s happiness to see him didn’t seem to be simply a dramatic ‘I missed you so much’, but more like there was some... more
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