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Partial success
Fri Jan 26, 2018 19:29

He returned Tatya's kisses, one on each cheek. He had definitely been right not to class her as American. Americans didn't understand very well about kissing, and that it really was to be used with everyone. He felt warmer for the hugs, the kisses and the compliments.

“It is nice writing with you in summer,” he added, with a half smile.

He listened carefully to her news. At first, following as it did from Alyosha being big, he assumed molodoi chelovek was some kind of physical feature that Anya had developed. However, the suggestion of jewellery painted a different picture.

“Ah... Rodya is the boy? The boy who like your sister?” he enquired. “And do we like him?” he checked. He knew Tatya loved her siblings very much, and he thought it must be strange for something like this to happen – someone new to appear in the family, who might make things change. Luckily, Émilie was still too young for that sort of thing. If any girl was stupid enough to want to take Matthieu, she would of course be more than welcome. Though sadly girls didn't take away boys from their family in quite the same way... “If some boy want to courtese my sister, he must be perfect,” or else what? his brain taunted. Was he going to go into defensive big brother mode and beat them up? Like he could intimidate anyone. He trusted Émilie to have better taste, but if some big gorilla started approaching her, what was he going to do about it? Useless little twig that he was. He sighed.

He was distracted from this by Tatya presenting him with a parcel.

“You bring presents? Oh, Tanushka, that is très gentille of you,” he stated, rather taken aback by the kind gesture. He carefully untied the ribbon, wound it neatly and laid it to one side, before unfolding the ends of the paper so that he was able to peel it apart and lift out the contents. He laughed happily when he saw what it was. “Spasiba, Tatya” he smiled, smoothing out the paper, “This will make much faster for me. And it is very beautiful notebook. I will think some beautiful things to write in it.” He leant over and kissed her again on each cheek, before his eyes inevitably drifted back to the doorway.

“I think you need some more friend to come,” he added, trying to cover his inattention, and make it seem like his focus wasn't drifting off. He felt bad, Tatya was being so sweet, and he was pleased to see her – very pleased, he loved her and had missed her – but she couldn't completely distract him from everyone else. “You look like you are ready to play Père Noël for everyone.”

(OOC – I assume that anyone else who walks in would be allowed to state that Tatya waves them over. And, if it's Jehan or Vlad, they may also assume that Dorian is on his feet ready to hug them by the time they get to the table).

  • I hope to provide distractions.Tatiana, Fri Jan 26 12:37
    “No, no, no,” assured Tatiana, kissing Dorian on both cheeks after their hug. He smelled vaguely of medicine, she noticed – perhaps he had pulled a muscle in some late-summer sport; she had required... more
    • Partial success — Dorian, Fri Jan 26 19:29
      • Am I a distraction?Jehan Callahan, Mon Jan 29 15:34
        Being back home after visiting Dorian had been quite boring for Jehan. The time had seemed to drag, and not in that fun way of always having more time in which to do exciting things. He’d tried... more
        • Six of one, half a dozen of the other.Tatiana , Tue Jan 30 18:17
          “You too - and it keeps up English, French to me, little,” said Tatiana of their admittedly something-less-than-scintillating letters over the summer. “Speak English with Katya and Papa and Nadezhda... more
          • You're homeDorian, Wed Jan 31 06:17
            “Same. And try to be mostly English when Jehan visits,” he nodded, as Tatya talked about the linguistics of her holidays. He had mentioned Jehan coming to visit in his letters to her, along with the... more
            • And so schastlivyi to be iciJehan, Tue Feb 13 12:41
              Jehan was relieved to hear Dorian was okay now, but still a little concerned. Dorian’s happiness to see him didn’t seem to be simply a dramatic ‘I missed you so much’, but more like there was some... more
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