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Dustin Newell
You can say that again.
Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:50

Dustin’s final departure for Sonora had been far less eventful than the year prior, and for that he was grateful. Makenzie had returned some time ago from her “adventure” - apparently, she had vanished in the night for something as stupid as traveling, which she had done on what inheritance she had gotten to keep after her father’s assets had been seized. Now she was back, living on her own, and working. The gaul of that girl!

In any case, he was in a fairly decent mood as he returned to school. The wagon ride was still god-awful, and Brett and Florence were still annoying, but things were going to be different this year. Dustin was finally a seventh year, situated at the top of the school, where he belonged. And, having voted for himself of course, he felt that the odds were fairly good that he would be bringing home a badge for Aladren, also where it belonged. Crotali were one thing - at least they were respectable generally, with one red-headed exception immediately coming to mind - but the fact that this school let Teppenpaws and Pecaris be in charge was ridiculous. The former were too nice to get anything done, and the latter were unreliably distractible. Not like the intelligent, organized brood cloaked in blue.

When the results were announced, Dustin entered a complete state of shock. He had not won? That would have been acceptable if it had at least been Louis or something, but Fabian? The only possible explanation he could come up with was that the portion of the vote belonging to sensible people had been split between him and his roommate, leaving the more ridiculous factions to elect a leader of their choice. He thought for a moment that the school was going downhill, but then again they had let Samantha Meeks be Head Girl last year, so obviously it was just the continuation of this trend of degradation.

The reminder of the Midsummer event was also a nuisance. A ball again huh? Dustin, as a member of proper society - or at least former member while the Newell family reputation pended improvement, although he thought things were going well in the direction of reacceptance - was no stranger to such formal events, but as a boy in a fairly female-dominated school, it was almost an obligation to pick a date. Natasha DuBois was looking pretty good these days, as was Angelique Brockert. Ingrid was an option, but he’d somewhat gotten lost on where she and Louis stood these days and felt no inclination to complicate things if they were 1) on bad terms or 2) on very, very good terms. He supposed Nevaeh Reed was technically an option, although Dustin wasn’t a dog person, so her service animal was inconvenient in that regard. Meh. There were many factors he would have to regard in the coming months.

As ever, he did not participate in the school song. Aside from it being stupid and childish to have to sing at a school gathering in this manner, the Aladren was still feeling discontent over the loss of a position of authority he rightfully deserved. Newells did not lose elections! (The irony of the fact that some of those victories had evidently been corrupt was lost on him.)

In any case, the torturous music ended, leaving him with lingering thoughts of relief he’d never have to sit through it again, and the students were released to eat and converse. He was immediately greeted by a neighbor, the girl who showed up suddenly a couple years ago and progressed through the years to now be prefect, the one with a ridiculous Z-name that he would have forgotten if the Headmaster hadn’t literally just said it a moment ago to award her a badge. “I suppose so,” he answered her inquiry. Dustin did enjoy learning, although sometimes he worried his grades were not quite up to snuff for an Aladren like himself. He studied hard to compensate. “And you?”

“Congratulations on the badge,” he added, trying not to sound as bitter as he felt about his empty lapel. Admittedly there weren’t really other options, but it was still an honor and a title, and it was fitting nonetheless to be proud of her position. Zevalyn was a Muggleborn, which naturally slightly lowered her in his eyes, but she was obviously a diligent worker to have risen up to the fifth year like this, so it somewhat balanced out. In any case, it was not offensive to speak with her. So that was nice.

  • Oh, wow. Zevalyn Ives, 5th Year Prefect, Fri Jan 26 21:07
    Zevalyn remembered to put all her books away and head down to the Cascade Hall in time for the Opening Feast. She was sorely tempted to go find a seat near Georgia in Teppenpaw, now that they had... more
    • You can say that again. — Dustin Newell, Sat Jan 27 10:50
      • Oh, wowZevalyn Ives, Tue Jan 30 11:45
        “Thank you,” Zevalyn replied to the congratulations, feeling pleased and accomplished and acknowledged. Fifth year was starting out wonderfully despite the lack of Georgia to eat with. In answer to... more
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