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Professor Sophie O'Malley
*Enthusiastically raises hand*
Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:32

All staff required meetings were never a promising start to a new school year, but Sophie had not expected to arrive and immediately be stressed out. It was a rough situation that both the school and Cleo James were in here, and the Potions professor felt powerless to do little more than hope for the best. Her heart went out to Mr. James, it really did, although she couldn’t help but be happy that her kids would never have such an issue as they were 100% human (although their biological grandmother’s true status as a human being was probably open for debate, but genetically speaking, they were safe here).

Still, parental worry was quite contagious, and by the time the Opening Feast actually got going, she was already mentally exhausted and ready to go home to her kids. And that was impressive, considering how exhausting they were. Mostly Stanley, with his endless energy, and Charlotte, who was under ten months old. Wally was good and would probably curl up and nap with her if his siblings ever gave her the time.

Sophie plopped down into her chair at the staff table and decided immediately that she wasn’t moving again until it became absolutely necessary. She of course gave a wave whenever she caught the eye of a relative, of whom there were a fair amount around here, or a student who she particularly liked, but she was mostly just waiting for everything to settle so that Mortimer could get through the Sorting and the speech and the food could arrive. Things went fairly quickly, at least, thanks to the Headmaster’s terse nature. She was fairly pleased with the badges, as she thought all the Prefects were good choices, and it was nice to see both Head Students hailing from her former House. She had never been Prefect or Head Girl, but if it was anything like Quidditch Captain, it would surely require a lot of work from those chosen few.

Soon enough, it was food time. That was great. Also, the librarian was offering her wine. That was also great. Well, probably. Sophie considered for a moment. She was still breastfeeding her daughter, so it wasn’t good to have alcohol in her system, but then again, she’d left a lot of pumped bottles behind and wouldn’t be home to see the kids again until way after it would all be out of her system. Still, it had been far too long since she’d drank anything stronger than root beer, so maybe it wasn’t the best choice?

But she was stressed, and also Sophie wasn’t maybe the best at always making great choices. It was just wine, anyway, so what could go wrong? “A man after my own heart, eh?” she replied with the clear intonation of a joke. “Yes, please.” The blonde professor accepted the bottle merrily and poured herself a little bit too full of a glass. She took a sip and smiled; red wine was the best wine.

“Did you have a good summer?” she asked as she filled her plate with the contents before her on the table. “Personally, while I love the time off, I always find by the end of August that I’m itching to get back here.”

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    • *Enthusiastically raises hand* — Professor Sophie O'Malley, Sat Jan 27 11:32
      • How do you feel about interlibrary loan forms?Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sat Jan 27 20:51
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