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Chrystopher Mathilde
New Friendships
Sun Jan 28, 2018 20:47

Chrystopher was beyond excited to start his schooling at Sonora Academy. It was one of the best wizarding schools in the world and he hoped it lived up to his expectations. This school was also a way were he could gain connections with other people, boost his status. His father always said that you couldn't go anywhere if you didn't have connections. That's how he got his job as an Unspeakable in the ministry.

Chrystopher was one of the first ones in line to get sorted. He had read about this potion before. It was incredibly hard to make and there was little knowledge about it's ingredients. It was rare for Chrystopher to not know everything about a Potion, but this one sure was a mystery that Chrystopher wanted to crack one day.

He stepped up to the potion and had the blank badge ready in his hand. This was going to determine his future at Sonora, and he sure was nervous. He gained his composure, like he was trained to, and submerged the badge in the potion. After a couple of seconds he pulled it out and saw a dark ruby red. He grinned as this was the house he wanted to get into. This would be a perfect place to gain respect and to gain status. He pinned the badge onto his robes and took his rightful spot at the Crotalus table. He recognized a few faces in the room as he had brief encounters with them at pureblood parties.

Chrystopher sat up straight and kept an even face, even though he was extremely excited. The sorting soon ended and a girl took the seat beside him. The headmaster spoke again and he clapped for the Prefects and the head students. He was not well acquainted to singing, but he made due.

He then heard the announcement about the ball. He needed to find a date with a respectable pureblood, only the best would do in the eyes of his father. Yet another thing that Chrystopher would worry about to appease his father.

Chrystopher turned to his right as he heard the girl speak. He automatically recognized the noble pureblood house. His father would be pleased if he knew that Chrystopher would become acquaintances with her. He wondered where her cousin was. Whenever he was at pureblood balls he saw her usually followed by a boy, which he discovered was her cousin.

He nodded and smiled gently at her greeting. The scar that ran down his left eye was an attention grabber whenever someone looked at him, which Chrystopher hated. He had gotten it in a sparring accident when he was younger. His father denied Chrystopher treatment as a reminder to always keep his guard up.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Sylvia Mordue. I've heard many good things about your family. I am Chrystopher Mathilde, heir to the Noble Pureblood house of Mathilde." Chrystopher replied back.

  • This is not going to planSylvia Mordue, Fri Jan 26 23:20
    Orientation had been an interesting experience. They'd had a rather slow and difficult conversation with Heinrich, who was of German extraction and undetermined blood status, and a presumably non-S... more
    • New Friendships — Chrystopher Mathilde, Sun Jan 28 20:47
      • ExcellentSylvia, Tue Jan 30 06:09
        Yes, yes yes! This was more like it! Goodbye, Miss Alana-Aloha Nobody whom she’d been forced to talk to at orientation, hello proper Pureblood boy. An heir, no less. It was a shame about the scar.... more
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