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Jehan Callahan
Am I a distraction?
Mon Jan 29, 2018 15:34

Being back home after visiting Dorian had been quite boring for Jehan. The time had seemed to drag, and not in that fun way of always having more time in which to do exciting things. He’d tried spending more time with Victor, but Victor had decided he was too old for imaginary games now, which had been one of the best bits of their times together. Victor had always had a wonderful imagination, but now he just wanted to have broomstick races and pester their father to let the boys leave the estate. Jehan had no interest in pestering his father – the answer was usually no, and Jehan had long known that his father preferred not to see him. Jehan usually managed to somehow say the wrong thing, and then Victor had to smooth things over. No, it was definitely better if he kept out of his father’s way.

He had tried reading more, scouring the library for obscure and interesting new books, but he missed being able to read parts aloud to Dorian, or ask for his friend’s thoughts.

He had tried to continue gardening, which he’d done a lot the year before starting school. However, his mother had discovered him having a long chat about muggles with the gardener, who was himself a half-blood. That had put a stop to gardening (well, at least limited it to when his mother was out).

All in all, it had been quite a relief to board the wagon and head back to Sonora for another year.

Jehan had seen Dorian fairly recently, but still he was very excited at the thought of seeing him once more. It was just so hard to go from spending every minute of the day with someone to enduring an agonising period of separation. They wrote to each other a lot, but it wasn’t the same as actually talking, face-to-face.

He headed straight for the Cascade Hall when he arrived, planning to check if Dorian was there before looking in the MARS rooms. But his first instinct was right, and he hurried across the hall the second he saw Dorian’s small frame. Tatya was with him too, which was even better – two reunions for the price of one!

The second Jehan reached them he was engulfed in a Dorian-hug, which was…he wanted to say nice, and, really, hugs were nice, especially hugs for being reunited with Dorian, but this hug was also a little off, perhaps? Dorian had dived inside the hug, with Jehan’s arms around him. And it wasn’t a happy hug, but something more fierce, serious. Added to that was a faint smell of something vaguely familiar – bruise balm, that was it! Jehan was used to the smell from Victor, who always seemed to be scraping his knees or elbows, but Dorian wasn’t rough like Victor.

“Ca va?” he asked Dorian, momentarily forgetting to say a proper hello to his friends. “I missed you too. Have you hurt yourself?”

Hugging Dorian a little more tightly rather than letting go (Jehan never liked to be the person ending a hug), Jehan smiled at Tatya, putting aside his worry to greet her. “Privet! Did you have a fun summer?” he asked.

OOC: Hugging and details discussed with Dorian's author

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    • Am I a distraction? — Jehan Callahan, Mon Jan 29 15:34
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