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Tue Jan 30, 2018 06:09

Yes, yes yes! This was more like it! Goodbye, Miss Alana-Aloha Nobody whom she’d been forced to talk to at orientation, hello proper Pureblood boy. An heir, no less. It was a shame about the scar. Having grown up around magic, which could fix almost anything but the worst curse damage, and which could straighten out teeth and deal with all manner of other unsightly issues in the blink of an eye, Sylvia wasn’t really used to seeing such physical imperfections. Some people, of course, had the misfortune of just being ugly, and whilst a few glamours might improve them a bit, there were definitely hopeless cases. She just tried not to associate with them. She herself, with her green eyes, dark hair and strong cheekbones, had no deficiency in her looks, unless one counted the slightly haughty countenance that went with being well aware of this fact - though this was not currently directed at Mr. Mathilde, who - as her social equal - was being treated to her charming smile.

“And I about yours, of course,” she added with a smile, when he said he had heard many good things about her family, trying to ignore the nagging doubt that he may have also heard one rather bad one… Most people were good enough to toe the line on that one. Every family had its… less than pleasant memories, and thus most people were perfectly willing to gloss over other people’s in case the favour needed returning. Therefore her ex-Uncle had not run off with his secretary. He was simply ‘no longer with us,’ and you said that, and people were supposed to smile sympathetically and then make some kind of appropriately sad comment and then get on with having a nice time like civilised people.

“It’s wonderful to be here at last, isn’t it?” she smiled. “And in Crotalus too. It’s really quite the best. My brother’s here too, and he rooms with a Pierce, and a Callahan,” she added, voicing the comma appropriately. She was sure Victor was very nice, but it was ‘A Pierce, and a Callahan’ not ‘A Pierce and a Callahan.’

Making polite small talk was fairly well second nature to her at this point. The only people she really talked to without sounding like she’d swallowed an etiquette book were Nate and Mother. And sometimes she practised things with mother too and was, of course, always polite to her - just sometimes they could be playful together, like when they went through her mother’s jewellery box and made up stories about where all the things had come from. She fiddled for a moment with her own necklace, the rather nice green sapphire that went with her eyes and had been a going away to school present, along with a matching bracelet, thinking about what fun stories she could come up with about it - dragons slain or pirates robbed, that sort of thing - before she caught herself and realised that fiddling with one’s jewellery was often taking as a sign of nerves (which she most definitely did not have - at least not terribly much - and did not want to be mistaken for having) and let it go.

“Might you pass me that salad?” she asked, indicating a dish by Chrystopher’s elbow.

OOC - if you'd like to know more about the Pureblood families, and what Chrys might now, ask on the OOC or ask anyone in chatzy.

  • New FriendshipsChrystopher Mathilde, Sun Jan 28 20:47
    Chrystopher was beyond excited to start his schooling at Sonora Academy. It was one of the best wizarding schools in the world and he hoped it lived up to his expectations. This school was also a way ... more
    • Excellent — Sylvia, Tue Jan 30 06:09
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