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Zevalyn Ives
Oh, wow
Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:45

“Thank you,” Zevalyn replied to the congratulations, feeling pleased and accomplished and acknowledged. Fifth year was starting out wonderfully despite the lack of Georgia to eat with.

In answer to his previous question, she nodded eagerly, proud to report, “I’ve just about caught up to everyone else in fifth year, so I am really looking forward to studying and learning at a much more natural pace again. Of course, there’s CATS, so I can’t slack off too much, but that’s a boat everyone is sailing.”

She didn’t really know this older boy at all - she’d still been in beginners when he was in his fifth year - but there were only two Aladrens in seventh year, and it hadn’t been that had to pick up his name just from being in the common room as she studied. Well, she’d heard it. It was Justin or something. But she wasn’t sure enough of that to call him that to his face. What she was sure of was that he was in seventh year, since he hadn’t been in the intermediate classes last year.

“Which RATS will you be taking? Any that you’d recommend or not recommended now that you’ve finished the first year of advanced classes?”

  • You can say that again.Dustin Newell, Sat Jan 27 10:50
    Dustin’s final departure for Sonora had been far less eventful than the year prior, and for that he was grateful. Makenzie had returned some time ago from her “adventure” - apparently, she had... more
    • Oh, wow — Zevalyn Ives, Tue Jan 30 11:45
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