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Six of one, half a dozen of the other.
Tue Jan 30, 2018 18:17

“You too - and it keeps up English, French to me, little,” said Tatiana of their admittedly something-less-than-scintillating letters over the summer. “Speak English with Katya and Papa and Nadezhda and Anton Petrovich and Sofya Antonovna, but not so much as here.”

Oui, merci - Rodya Mikhailovich est - mal’chik.” The abrupt switch to Russian as she forgot the French word for ‘boy’ likely jangled on Dorian’s ear and she made an apologetic little face. “Je - on aime, chut-chut - “ This time she didn’t notice herself slip into Russian as she elaborated that she more or less liked Rodya - “mais ne lyublyu Anya zhenit’sya - ” she realized she was speaking Russian again and that Dorian most likely wouldn’t know the word for a girl getting married. “Ya ne lyublyu Anya - going to Rodya, maybe. Maybe not be Vorontsova anymore - be Gospozha Bazhenova. See?” Yes, thanks - Rodya Vladimirovich is a boy. I like him, so-so, but I don’t like the idea of Anya getting married.

Dorian at least seemed to understand as he talked about his sister. “You good brother,” she said approvingly as she isolated his parcel.

She beamed, happy he was happy with the contents, and carried on as Jehan joined them - at least until his and Dorian’s hug went on a bit long and he used a word in English which she knew, but couldn’t pin down - teachers said it a lot, along with the easier word not.

Bonjour, Vanyahan” said Tatiana, mixing Russian and French versions of his name. “Yes, happy summer - thanks for word.” The English for ‘leto’ had slipped her mind. “And you? I give you good day - Dorocha says I am Snegurochka.” Father Christmas did not have a granddaughter, or even definitely children, which was strange - how could he be a father like so? Grandfather Frost was more sensible, and the Snow Maiden was always shown with the most beautiful robes and headdresses. “For you,” she added, isolating his parcel.

  • Am I a distraction?Jehan Callahan, Mon Jan 29 15:34
    Being back home after visiting Dorian had been quite boring for Jehan. The time had seemed to drag, and not in that fun way of always having more time in which to do exciting things. He’d tried... more
    • Six of one, half a dozen of the other. — Tatiana , Tue Jan 30 18:17
      • You're homeDorian, Wed Jan 31 06:17
        “Same. And try to be mostly English when Jehan visits,” he nodded, as Tatya talked about the linguistics of her holidays. He had mentioned Jehan coming to visit in his letters to her, along with the... more
        • And so schastlivyi to be iciJehan, Tue Feb 13 12:41
          Jehan was relieved to hear Dorian was okay now, but still a little concerned. Dorian’s happiness to see him didn’t seem to be simply a dramatic ‘I missed you so much’, but more like there was some... more
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